Citicorp Finance Internship interview Experience

account_circlevinamra choudhary

Department : CSE

CGPA : 8.54

IT Product
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Company had a pointer criteria
Accepted Offer
Round 1

Technical Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

a)How to solve Sudoku as given in any news paper with the help of c program.
I explained him the solution(related to backtracking) then further Interviewer discussed on complexity(9^n) and methods so that i can improve the complexity of my solution(hash tables)

b)Asked about competitive coding ,i.e which online platform you use more for practice?,rank on that platform?(benefit of competitive coders)

c)Next Question Given a array of +ve numbers,find the nearest greater for each number in array on its right side.Give a sol in o(n) complexity.
Solved it based on concept of stacks(learned from code chef).I explained him first then interviewer ask me to the code and i successfully completed that.Very important to cover all edge cases for written code

d)Next Question Insert the node in link-list before the nth last node.
A little bit hint given by Interviewer ,I got the solution Then again interviewer told me to write code.Interviewer was again checking that am i covering all the test cases or not

next and last.
e)Robot puzzle
I solved that good puzzle

Round 2

HR Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

HR round- all general Questions
b)Family Background
c)About Hobbies
d)Situational Questions
e)Surprisingly Difference between malloc and calloc

At last I was selected for intern at CITI (Hurray Moment).
And after internship I was not selected for the full time job(Hurray Moment again) but i really enjoy 2 month stay at CITI


Other comments

Always have a hurray moment either you are selected or rejected.