Fidelity Internship interview Experience

account_circleDevashish Kamble

Department : CSE

CGPA : 7.4

IT Services
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7.0 with no current backlogs
Accepted Offer
Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

90 mins
Interview Experience

This round consisted of 3 categories:
1. Aptitude(Technical)
2. Verbal
3. Coding (2 questions- DP and ad hoc)

Round 2

Technical Interview

45 mins
Interview Experience

The interviewer first went through my online test performance and asked about my approaches for the questions. He then told me write down some basic algorithms:
1. Bubble Sort
2. BST search
3. Multiplication table
The emphasis was more on projects and their applications ,so be thorough with them. Also he asked some questions on OOPS Concepts(C++/Java).
Then he moved on to Trees and Graphs algorithms like:
1. Dijkstra's shortest path algorithm
2. Prim's MST,etc

Round 3

HR Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

The round started with a formal introduction. The interviewer surprisingly didn't want the interview to be a typical HR one ,but rather a casual conversation.He told me to start telling the "Story of my Life" and asked few questions in the middle. We had a good time discussing about my life changing experiences, the goals in my life, why not choosing Pune (my home city)to work as it was a huge IT Hub itself, the Indian Stock Market , Mutual Funds ,etc. He then asked me for the location where I'd like to work(Bangalore).Overall it went on smoothly and the interviewer was quite impressed by my answers.


Other comments

The key to cracking an interview,according to me, is way you express your IDEAS and show CONFIDENCE.They want to check if you can work in teams,handle work load,serve clients properly.Try to be to the point and keep the CV as simple as possible.Do not try to fool the panelist by being vague.Attitude matters a lot. Always be prepared for the question "Do you have any questions for us ?" as not answering might show that you aren't interested in the company.