Larsen & Toubro Job interview Experience

account_circlePratiksha Gwalwanshi

Department : MEC

CGPA : 7.7

Core - R & D
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6.5 cgpa with no current backlog
Accepted Offer
Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

90 mins
Interview Experience

The online test comprised of 2 sections, aptitude and technical test. Further under the aptitude section lied 3 subsections, verbal, analytical (logical reasoning) and quantitative ability. Each subsection in aptitude consisted of 25 questions, altogether with a time limit of 60 mins. Technical questions were more of information based rather than to solve. It consisted of 45 questions with a time duration of 30 mins. There wasn't any negative marking throughout the test. However one needs to clear the sectional cut off to get to the next round. Therefore it's important to solve a minimum no. of questions correctly from each section so divide your time accordingly. Technical questions covered almost all the subject topics SOM, thermo, fluid, manufacturing, machine design etc. One must be well aware with the key concepts such as various relations, graphs and other important parameters.
Above all since there is no negative marking, one should save some amount of time to blindly mark the answers of the leftout questions,if any, at the end.

Round 2

Group Discussion Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

The best thing was that gd wasn't a filter and all the shortlisted students were eligibile for interview after gd. It consisted of 10 students in a group. Our topic was "Engineers should purse M.Tech only and not MBA". Given 5 mins in the beginning to jot down your points, the discussion continued for 20 mins while 5 mins were alloted for conclusion, i.e., 30 seconds individual time to conclude the topic considering everyone's viewpoint. Keep in mind it's not a debate but a discussion. Don't speak for just the sake of speaking, come up with valid points and solutions. Be clear with your idea so that it is comprehensible. Don't be aggressive and let everyone take part in the discussion. Take a stand and don't change your thoughts. Note down others'points also in order to summarize the gd at the end.

Round 3

Technical Interview

60 mins
Interview Experience

After clearing the online test, the shortlisted students were asked to fill a 4 page form which included all our personal and academic information, details about internships final year project, strengths, functional area( that was to be chosen among -project, design, quality control, marketing, logistics), references and undertaking. This way it covered all the areas and resume wasn't required at the time of interview.
It was a technical+hr interview. Each panel had two interviewers. The conversation started off with general questions such as whether i had my lunch or not, just to make you comfortable. Then came the most basic hr question "tell me something about yourself". Always be prepared with these questions so that you're fluent and confident enough. Next they asked technical questions from my field of interest. Moreover they questioned me on metallurgy, statistical quality control, ic engines and strength of materials. They asked about my past internships. Then moved on to non technical questions, where they asked me how do i spend my day after college, what failure means to me, my weakness and other curricular activities. I was also asked to mention such situations where my leadership qualities were shown in the past. Some questions were reaction-to-situation based where they tested my convincing skills and teamwork spirit. Don't loose your calm and be confident with what you speak.