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account_circleSHRIYA SALIAN

Department : ECE

CGPA : 8.8

IT Services
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Technical Interview

40 mins
Interview Experience

The technical round heavily focused on my summer projects, which went on for about 10-15 minutes.
Later, I was asked a couple of questions on IoT, specifically about Home Automation (Technical-core electronics and IT, as well as a few Logical questions).
Further, I was asked a few basic concepts of OOPs to check my understanding of the concepts.
example: building blocks of OOPs, major concepts of OOPs, difference between encapsulation and Abstraction, etc
Next, he asked me a coding question on how to find the immediately next larger number of a given number in an extremely large unsorted array (with time constraints).
He asked me questions on DBMS about Inner Join, Outer Join, normalization, etc
He also asked me what DevOps is, whether I had any experience of git and a few questions on Git basic concepts.

Round 2

HR Interview

20 mins
Interview Experience

This round majorly consisted of an in-depth discussion of various points in my Resume which was not covered in the Technical round. He asked me about the various platforms I had used and which platform I am comfortable in. We had a chat about the work culture in the company, followed by a discussion on my hobbies. They also asked me why I found the company fit for me.
All in all, this round was a healthy discussion round.


Other comments

Be thorough with your summer projects and basic concepts of OOPs.