Deloitte Job interview Experience

account_circleAPURVA RATHI

Department : ECE

CGPA : 8.5

IT Services
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6.5 and above with no current backlog
Accepted Offer
Round 1

Written Test Interview

105 mins
Interview Experience

It was an adaptive test wherein the level of the upcoming questions were decided by one's previous responses. All the questions were compulsory and one cannot review the questions once attempted. It consisted of Verbal ability, Quantitative aptitude and Logical reasoning based questions. Time constraint adaption along with accuracy helps a lot.

Round 2

JAM Interview

20 mins
Interview Experience

We were divided in groups of 15 each.Each candidate was given 30 seconds of time to think on the topic allocated and 1 min to speak.If not comfortable with the topic one change was allowed.Topics were based on technological advancements as well as internet mostly.Being confident,speaking out loud with proper language and good body language can take one through this round.

Round 3

Technical Interview

25 mins
Interview Experience

It started with an all time question to talk about myself.Its the best opportunity to divert interview in a direction you want it to be.Speak out confidently about yourself because this question is all about what is called as first impression.Then I was asked detailed information about my summer internship of 3rd year and what all I learnt from it(technically as well as professionally). Questions on various projects mentioned in resume were asked.Be thorough with all your projects.It shows how well you have managed your work.Then I was asked about events organised at college(cultural as well as technical),my role of responsibility and many situation based questions on the same.It also included few questions on my hobbies.At the end its all about your resume and how good you are with your past experiences.


Other comments

Its always a plus when you are confident.
Practise quick maths and aptitude keeping time constraint.
Be fluent in JAM round and confident about what you speak during interview.