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account_circleRENUKA KULKARNI

Department : CSE

CGPA : 9.1

IT Product
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Technical Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

The technical round basically started with the projects and internship I had done. Around 20 mins of discussion took place over it. Majorly emphasis was laid on how my internship project was helpful to the company and what task was solved.
Next he gave me real life scenarios on how a product is being developed and what all factors are involved in designing eg Uber or why there is need.
Questions on DBMS were asked like question on foreign keys etc.
Few questions on algorithms and Computer science basics.
The round ended up well. The key is to answer every question confidently and accept if you were wrong.
Over all it was a medium level interview.

Round 2

HR Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

This round majorly consisted of an in-depth discussion of various points in my Resume which was not covered in the Technical round. He asked me about the various platforms I had used and which platform I am comfortable in. We had a chat about the work culture in the company, followed by a discussion on my hobbies. They also asked me why I found the company fit for me. Questions on various work scenarios were asked and what would be my take over that.
All in all, this round was a healthy discussion round.