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    [Anushree Rungta]July 16, 2020

    It consisted of 4 rounds. Profile : IT Services. Criteria : 6 and above.
    Round 1 description : It had three sections. The first section was quant, 2nd one was reasoning and the third one was technical. The questions were of a moderate level. Anyone who has prepared for aptitude can easily nail the first two sections. And for the 3rd one, you s .... Read More »

    Tags: ADP | OnCampus | MIN Session : 2019-20 Status : Accepted Offer Email: anushree.rungta@gmail.com

    [Srujan sudam]Aug. 14, 2018

    It consisted of 4 rounds. Profile : IT Services. Criteria : 6 CGPA.
    Round 1 description : The test is on logical reasoning and quantitative aptitude continued by essay writing for 30 mins. Giving proportional time to each section would be the best chance to crack it. .... Read More »

    Tags: Capgemini | OnCampus | MIN Session : 2018-19 Status : Accepted Offer Email: srujansudam55@gmail.com

    VE Commercial Vehicles
    [Koustubh Haridas]July 13, 2017

    It consisted of 1 rounds. Profile : Core- Plant. Criteria : 6.5 pointer is the minimum that they require.
    Round 1 description : 2 options to chose the question paper type 1. Mechanical 2. Electrical That's a bummer for the mining people who don't know about the basics of mechanical engineering or have forgot the mechanical subject taught to them in second year. .... Read More »

    Tags: VE Commercial Vehicles | OnCampus | MIN Session : 2016-17 Status : Accepted Offer Email: koustubh015@gmail.com