Deloitte Internship interview Experience
Ayush Singh
IT Services
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Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

90 mins
Interview Experience

The Online test comprised of three sections : Aptitude (35 mins), Verbal (25 mins) and Logical Reasoning (35 mins). Overall the round was quite easy with the only limitations being that you could not switch between sections or skip to the next question without answering the current question or come back to any of the questions, once it is answered. Can be easily practices on many online resources available.

Round 2

JAM Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

22 students were to appear for a JAM round (Just a minute). The interviewer had 40 different topics listed with him and we had to pick one of the number from 1 to 40 and the we were required to speak on the corresponding topic to the selected number after getting only 30 seconds to prepare for the topic. Avoid wasting time in greetings and introduction and go straight into the crux, either supporting it or vice-versa. Take those 30 seconds to make 3-4 keywords which you shall elaborate during the JAM session. For example, my topic was : Are self driving car feasible in India? I quickly made 3 bullet points in my head - 1. lack of traffic management system and infrastructure, 2- failure of Tesla and Waymo, 3- Conditions and mentality of Indians; and I quickly arrived at a conclusion that instead of investing in self driving car, we need to focus on infrastructure to facilitate them.

Round 3

HR Interview

20 mins
Interview Experience

The HR round was the simplest. The interview is mostly based on your CV and how confident and honest you are while writing it. For instance, he asked me to write a a piece of code that uses array. I wrote a simple loop where all elements in the array were stored in increasing order. When the interviewer say the code, he said "Are you sure this is right?" He just wanted to check if I was confident enough. Then he asked me about my projects followed by some general HR questions like 'Why Deloitte?', 'Why should we hire you?' etc. Overall, the key in this round is to be presentable and confident.


Other comments

5 students were finally shortlisted for the internship.
Make sure you pay attention in the pre placement talk in which they tell elaborately about their company.
If you have any questions regarding the profile, location etc, do ask them at the end of the interview.
Prepare for common interview questions.
Make your selling points clear.
Close on a positive note.