Fidelity Internship interview Experience
Saurabh Singh
IT Services
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

120 mins
Interview Experience

The Test comprised of total 4 sections which were:
1.Verbal MCQs
This section consisted questions based on general english like comprehension type questions, complete the given sentence,rearrange in correct order,meaning of given phrases.
2.Technical MCQs
This section consisted questions based on concepts of datastructures.their were some questions on Domain and Servers like DNS and other implementation.
3.Coding Question
Their were total 2 coding questions in total.
1st question was a dynamic programing question which was based on Coin change problem.
2nd problem was a mathematical cum coding question which was to find the power of the given prime number from the given term. The term was given in the form of pairs of base and its corresponding index.
4.Algorithm Question
This was the easiest question and it consisted of 2 algorithms in all.both of them were quite easy and carried 1 mark each.

Their was no negative marking in any section.

Round 2

Technical Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

The interviewer was really friendly.He asked me if i had breakfast which i didn't :) then he asked me to introduce myself(this is a really important part so make sure you start the interview with a good impression).then he started reading my CV
And started asking questions based on the projects mentioned in the CV and even my summer project.he asked about my proficiency in different programming languages and datastructures which i frankly answered.Then he asked a question based on a datastructure used in google search and asked me to write the code for the the end he asked some questions regarding the college activities i was part of.In the end he asked me if i had any questions for him.

Round 3

HR Interview

45 mins
Interview Experience

It started with a casual introduction.He then asked me about my Family background, Details about family members,what made me end up in VNIT, why I selected engineering over bussiness.then we talked about cultural and administrative difference between my homestate and other states like maharashtra.he asked me why i preferred Fidelity over other companies and also my knowledge of what Fidelity is as an organization.he asked me about my interests both technical and non the end he asked me if i had any question for him or the company. :) All the best...