Fidelity Internship interview Experience
Divyanshu Mehta
IT Services
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

120 mins
Interview Experience

This was computer based screening test
Section 1 : It had 10 comprehensive english based questions to be answered in 15 minutes. These were easy and bit medium.
Section 2 : It had 30 MCQ based questions covering topics like Data Structures,Debugging,Aglorithms,Few GK based questions on Computers and some on networking.They were overall medium level for me. 45 min was given for this section.
Section 3 : It had 2 coding questions to be completed in 1 hr. One was to find number of squares that can be cut from a rectangle of NxM dimension and other was to find sum of k elements in sliding window. It was overall Easy-Medium level questions.
Section 4 : It had a algorithm problem where we were supposed to write algorithm for the problem statement. I don't remember the question. 15 min were given for this section.

Round 2

Technical Interview

25 mins
Interview Experience

Interviewer started going through my Xth education place and since I had done it from Abu Dhabi so he asked me the culture and the difficulties I faced over there and how I handled them. He then went on asking my JEE rank and asked me the reason as why my CGPA was so fluctuating with dip of 6.6 and peak of 7.3 in 2nd yr. He then asked me why should he select me to which I answered that I love learning about new technology and playing with them.He then asked me what all technologies I knew or heard of to which I answered Debian based Linux, GraphQL (just heard and knew some basics),Ethical Hacking . He then started asking me about what all I know in Hacking. I told him some of my achievements to which he asked me to explain him XSS attack and how do one exploit it to compromise users(Discussion was mostly based on server side logic and it flaws due to weak client side validation) . After that he moved to SQL injection and told me to write a vulnerable php query and demonstrate SQL injection and how can developers avoid this (He wanted me to tell about prepared statements indirectly) He then went to DDOS and asked me to explain what is DDOS attacks and how can we identify them and stop these(Here discussion was mostly about how can we use Data Analysis to avoid DDOS and about some big players like Cloudfare ) . He was constantly asking some more questions while I was explaining him . He then asked me the difference about Pen Testing and Ethical Hacking and some hacking related terminologies After that he asked me if I knew what is Agile Development to which I replied I had known about it but at the moment I can't remember. He then explained me Agile Development (I was able to recall while he was explaining ). After that he asked me if I had any questions for him to which I asked one and interview ended...

Round 3

HR Interview

15 mins
Interview Experience

Interviewer was friendly and asked me if I had my breakfast or not to which I said no and then she gave me some water to drink. After that she asked me about myself and my weakness(She very accurately guessed my weak point and wanted to test honesty). She asked me why should they select me and some questions related to this. After that she asked me about some of latest happenings in the world. I was then given a situation that suppose my room is on Fire then how would I react to situation . She then asked me where do I see myself in 5 yrs and which role would I prefer(Software or Data). She then asked me if I had any questions for her to which I asked one and then interview ended...


Other comments

Interviewer were nice people. Be open and truthful to them and pay attention to PPT. PPT matters a lot if you are shortlisted.