Fidelity Internship interview Experience
Yash Kumar
IT Services
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

120 mins
Interview Experience

There were four sections in the test.
1. Verbal (15 minutes): The first section consisted of 10 easy to medium level MCQs. There were questions on passage-based inference, finding incorrect statements, and arranging several statements in the correct order.
2. Technical (30 minutes): The second section was relatively hard. There were 20 MCQs based on technical concepts such as Data Structures, Algorithms, OOPs, DBMS, and Networking.
3. Coding (60 minutes): The third section was extremely easy. There were 2 coding questions – one was to find the minimum number of squares obtained by dividing a rectangle of given dimensions, and the other one was to find the sum of all sets of m consecutive elements in an array.
4. Algorithm (15 minutes): The last section had two subjective questions, where we had to explain the algorithm that we would apply in getting a particular solution. One was the simple Coin Exchange problem, and the other was to get all permutations of a binary string of size n in increasing order.

Round 2

Technical Interview

20 mins
Interview Experience

The interviewer began by asking me about the subjects I had studied in the previous year. He then gave me some coding questions on arrays, strings, hashing, and trees, ranging from easy to difficult. He asked me in detail about my Data Structures project. Finally, he asked me if I had any questions for him.

Round 3

HR Interview

15 mins
Interview Experience

The interviewer began by asking me if I had had breakfast before she began with the technicalities. She asked me to tell her something not on my CV, as she slowly began asking me generic questions such as about my strengths and weaknesses, how well I work in teams, and my opinions on change against stability. She also quizzed me about some general information about Fidelity and asked me about my preference for the role. Finally, she asked me if I had any questions for her.


Other comments

Do not mention anything on your CV that you’re not confident about, and be thorough with whatever you’re written. Don’t be afraid to admit that you’re stuck on a question, rather than giving an incorrect answer in desperation. Try to keep the discussions in the interview fluid, and choose your words carefully. Mention only those things that you are confident about, and are relevant to the discussion. Listen to what they say in the PPT, and ask good questions at the interview based on your knowledge of the company, as this could play a crucial role in your selection. Work on communication skills and always be frank, modest, confident, and respectful.