Reliance Internship interview Experience
Prajwal Choudhari
Core- Plant
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

60 mins
Interview Experience

Two parts of the test:
1. Aptitude: 30 questions, 30 minutes, 2 marks each, no negative marking
2. Technical: 50 questions, 30 minutes, 1 mark each, no negative marking.
Exam Platform: AMCAT
Aptitude had questions of all difficulty levels without level wise arrangement. 20% were tough.
Technical section had 50-60% questions based on just two of the total core subjects (for chemical engineering students). Difficulty level: lower moderate.

Round 2

Technical Interview

15 mins
Interview Experience

Two member panel: 1 HR, 1 tech
Introduction, questions based on it. Couple of them.
Favourite subject: Heat Transfer
Modes of heat conduction (concept and application in the interview room).
I used the word 'renewable energy' while explaining Radiation.
Interviewer took a turn towards Renewable Energy.
Was asked about current scenario in India. They expected numbers. I explained in detail with numbers based on capacity, costs and new installations.
Special emphasis on Biofuels as Reliance's R&D is working extensively on 3rd generation Biofuels. Explained as per their requirement with numbers.
Some questions about family.


Other comments

Bookish theory knowledge is important. But to an extent. Get to know about what is happening currently in your branch around the world. For Chemical Engineering, petroleum sector is major recruiter of Freshers. So be acquainted with current happenings in petroleum world, renewable energy and research being carried by petroleum giants in India to shift towards Renewable energy. It's a good sign if they're convinced that you're aware. If your CGPA is low, an explanation for it is always beneficial. So keep one ready, a genuine one.
Don't try to bluff in the interview. They're experienced professionals and it takes them seconds to figure out.
Be confident and go for the interview without worrying about the outcome. Think of the interview as a previous chance of having a one to one conversation with professionals having huge experience.