Tata Steel Internship interview Experience
Prince Jha
Core- Plant
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

90 mins
Interview Experience

There were four sections in following order :
1) VA&RC
2) Logical reasoning
3) quantitative aptitude
4) Technical ( 20 questions)
Exam was held on AMCAT and questions were simple and staright forward ( in technical section few questions were random which were just some obscure facts).

Round 2

Group Discussion Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

Topic was: "Is women reservation in private sector viable".

Time given : 2min/candidate ( there were 11 candidates in my group) and in beginning they gave everyone a common brainstorming time of 2 minutes to think and jot down the points on a paper provided.

Regardless of the fact whether one is in favor of it or not, a brief background check about the corporation( which I assume everyone would do) clearly reflects that they are very much in favor of it and is embedded in their culture and values.

Hence, I spoke in the favor of providing reservation for women ( although I concluded by saying that the term "reservation" won't be the correct in this context) and ended my part on a "Gyaanvardhak" note.

Round 3

Technical Interview

15 mins
Interview Experience

After a brief exchange of pleasantries and whereabouts, few technical questions were asked from my area of interest.I was unable to answer one or two questions and politely answered
them the same ( point being, beating around the bush isn't advisable).

In hindsight, I feel the interview was not about how many questions one was able to answer
but how calm and composed one was during the interview and how well he/she was able to put his/her point in front of the panel.

Apart from that any sports related achievement works as a icing on the cake ( which was applicable in my case) as they highly appreciate such things.

PS : Students with specs make sure that your power doesn't exceed (+/- )4, otherwise one wont be able to join the company on medical grounds.They ask this to every candidate with spectacles.

Best wishes.