Reliance Internship interview Experience
Sriram Mahalingam
Core- Plant
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Technical Interview

20 mins
Interview Experience

I was the first one to interview, and there was only a single panelist. He initially took some time off to view at my cv, and then began asking questions. Few of the questions I remember are as follows,
Which is your favorite subject?
Mention any latest developments in that subject?
Have you ever visited any industry before?
How do you think is an industry powered ? ( asking about the energy aspect)
Have you ever formed and lead any team? (follow up questions on that)
And ending with questions from my side.
Overall the interview was relaxed, and the panelist was only looking at whether you are a right fit for the company. There was only one round both Hr and Technical combined.


Other comments

Firstly prepare for the aptitude round diligently to get the interview shortlist.
Read about reliance industries beforehand and try to show your interest.
Pointer matters but not to a great extent, remember they judge you on whether you are a right fit for the industry or not.
Try to portray your interest towards the company, show them that you are keen to work and learn in the industry and be confident in your communication.
Best wishes.