John Deere Internship interview Experience
Shantanu Satdeve
IT Services
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

60 mins
Interview Experience

Round 1 was a Computer Based Online Test.

It was conducted on HackerRank.

It had 10 Multiple Choice Questions, out of which around 6 or 7 were related to Computer Science fundamentals of various subjects such as Data Structures, Algorithms and Object-Oriented Programming and the remaining 3-4 questions were simple aptitude questions which tested our understanding of day-to-day basic mathematical concepts.

After that, there were 2 coding questions.

The first question was related to bit representation and manipulation of the numbers present in an array and sorting them accordingly (something related to conversion of the numbers present in the array from decimal to binary and then performing either AND or XOR operation as per the need of the question.)

The second question was related to string manipulation by making use of hashing concept.

The multiple choice questions were easy and I got around 8 or 9 questions correct out of 10.
The coding questions were of medium level but still I solved both the questions easily, where in the first question I got 100% Test Cases running successfully and in the second question, I got 90% Test Cases running successfully.

From this round, 10 students were shortlisted for the next interview round.

Round 2

Skype/Telephonic Interview

45 mins
Interview Experience

Round 2 was a Technical Interview round and it was conducted in a telephonic manner.

So my interview proceeded as follows :-

First of all, they asked me about the explanation of my project which I had mentioned in my resume. In this, they specifically wanted to know about the data structures which I had used in that project. So, I mentioned about the various data structures that I had used in that project like Linked Lists, Binary Trees, Binary Search Trees, Heaps and Trie. Then, I started explaining them about how these data structures were used effectively throughout my project and the significance or the uniqueness of each data structure that is being used in my project. They liked the way in which I was explaining them about each and every aspect that was related to the project and also, they mentioned about 2-3 times in between during my explanation that they were quite impressed by the work that I had done in the project.

So, after the explanation of this project got over, they asked me questions like :-
1) Reversal of Linked List.
2) Merging of two Linked Lists (both sorted as well as unsorted).
3) Implementation of Heap Sort.

After that, they asked me a simple question related to SQL query, in which they gave me information about two tables, that is, they told me about the schema of those two tables, and then I had to fetch some data as per the requirement of the question that they had asked me, which was done by me by making use of JOIN operation in the required SQL query that they were looking for.

Finally, they asked me a very simple aptitude question related to the concepts of time, distance and speed.

In the end, 7 students were finally selected for the internship and I felt glad when I came to know that I was also one of them.


Other comments

Make sure that you are well versed with whatever has been added by you in your resume.

When you are asked a question, try to discuss the approach towards its solution by speaking in a clear, audible voice either with yourself or with the interviewer but keep in mind that speaking is must. This will help the interviewer to know about your approach towards the solution. As a result, if you get stuck anywhere while working on your approach, the interviewer can guide you or give you some useful hints. Don't just keep on speaking to yourself in your mind while working on the solution.

Last but not the least, if you feel that you might not have heard the question correctly that was being asked to you, just ask it again. Don't start blabbering anything unnecessarily. And don't think that asking a question again to the interviewer might irritate him/her. But then, at the same time, you also have to make sure that this doesn't happen for each and every question. So, make sure that you listen to the question carefully at the beginning itself.