Reliance Internship interview Experience
Pratyay Amrit
Core- Plant
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

60 mins
Interview Experience

The test comprised of (A)30 general aptitude questions and (B)50 technical questions.
Time allotted: 30 minutes for both (A) and (B). (Total: 1 hour)
Marking Scheme: 2 Marks per question for (A) and 1 Mark per question for (B).
(There was no negative marking)

Round 2

Technical Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

The day of the interview commenced with a slideshow presentation, briefing us about the culture, values, and products of Reliance Industries. We (Chemical Engineering students) were given two options: Manufacturing (Core), and Petrochemicals. Also, we were given all the liberty to appear for interviews for both the options. The difference, however, was that the candidates opting for the former were directly called for the interview whereas the ones opting for the latter had to go through a filtering process of Group Discussion.

I chose to appear for manufacturing only. In the interview, I was first asked to introduce myself. Later, they inquired about my performance in the branch and my subjects of interest. What came next was a fusillade of technical questions. Many of these questions revolved around the concepts of fluid mechanics (pumps, continuity equation, Bernoulli's Equation) and transport phenomena (generalized Newton's Law of viscosity, types of fluids) ( which were also a part of my second-year internship). I was able to answer some of them. They even asked me about written explanations for some questions. The interview lasted about 25 odd minutes.


Other comments

Below are some uneducated opinions :-)
1. The most important part of the entire process is the aptitude test. Practice different types of questions. There are several websites that could help you with this.
2. You must be abreast of the "basics" of all the topics of Chemical engineering (at least the ones taught till the 5th semester). This would help you with the technical test and the interview.
3. It is possible that you may be oblivious to many concept based questions asked in the interview, the emphasis here must be to reflect your eagerness to learn rather than blatantly giving wrong answers.
4. Be humble and confident in the interview.