Credit Suisse Internship interview Experience
Kartik Kshirsagar
IT Services
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

100 mins
Interview Experience

This was a very easy round having 39 objective questions and 1 subjective(puzzle from gfg, the bridge and torch puzzle). The only catch in this round was the marking which was either +4/-2 or +6/-3 (and +11 in case of the subjective question). The questions were mainly aptitude/logical/numerical with some odd technical questions scattered among them. There were no coding questions in this test. 13 people were selected for interviews from 40-45 people who gave the test.

Round 2

Technical Interview

60 mins
Interview Experience

This was the technical round, and initially routine questions were asked to break the ice, I would describe this round as easy , it mainly revolved around my CV (projects specifically) and some very basic questions on all of the subjects which were in the current/previous semesters, so make sure you have good basic understanding. There were questions ranging from "what are data structures?" to "how do you prevent memory leaks?" to "what are deadlocks and semaphores?". SQL was not asked in much depth after I emphasized on the fact I haven't taken a course on it yet. The questions ended with a simple series question.So to conclude I would say , 40% time was given to my projects, 40% to the subjects, and in the remaining time I was asked standard HR questions like strengths-weaknesses, future plans etc. Make sure you prepare for HR even though its your technical interview. 5 people were selected further from the 13 people who gave technical interviews.

Round 3

HR Interview

20 mins
Interview Experience

This round was a breeze, the interviewer was cool and very friendly just like the interviewers I had in the technical interview. This round started with the interviewer asking about my day and my health(also make sure you tell them the previous rounds were conducted well and you enjoyed them). The questions were standard HR questions , like the cliché "Tell me about something which is not in your resume", and he further asked about my family and my upbringing, and the challenges I faced in my life.Also situational questions were asked. It was very chill and we laughed a lot , it was more of a conversation than an interview.


Other comments

Just make sure you have your basics right and you'll breeze through it , and also make it more of a conversation , try to explain your interviewer with creative examples rather than just spitting straight facts.