Credit Suisse Internship interview Experience
Aryan Patil
IT Services
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

100 mins
Interview Experience

The round consisted of 39 objective questions (MCQs) based on aptitude, logical reasoning and some technical concepts along with 1 subjective question based on the bridge and torch puzzle, available on gfg. The test was easy but one should be aware of negative markings.
The time limit provided was more than enough as one can attempt all the questions in the given time frame.

Round 2

Technical Interview

50 mins
Interview Experience

This round started with my introduction to the interviewer. Then it shifted towards the projects mentioned in my CV and relevant questions were asked. Basic data structures like linked lists, trees, etc. and Object Oriented Programming concepts are must.
The interviewer asked if I was comfortable with DBMS. I was familiar with some basic SQL queries but the course was yet to be covered and I replied him the same. So no further questions were asked on DBMS.
Some star pattern printing algorithms were asked. At last, the egg drop puzzle was asked which I already knew but progressed in steps to reach the optimal answer.
The interviewer was friendly and gave certain hints wherever required.

Round 3

HR Interview

10 mins
Interview Experience

This round seemed to be a kind of formality round as it was more of a healthy conversation instead of an interview. Some typical HR questions like "Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?" were asked. The interviewer then asked me about my family background and my summer project. Then she asked if I had any questions for her. I asked her about her experience till date to which she responded positively.
Make sure you have already prepared the basic HR questions and be relaxed.


Other comments

Nothing extra which was not related to my CV was not asked, so be thorough with the projects that you mention. Be honest with the interviewer if you are not comfortable in any topic that they intend to ask.