Wells Fargo Internship interview Experience
swathi Sariputi
IT Services
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Resume Shortlisting Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

It was cv shortlisting . The shortlist was based on various factors like CGPA, resume , etc.
cgpa > 7.5 for our batch as per my observation. 114 students were shortlisted for further rounds.

Round 2

Computer Based Test Interview

100 mins
Interview Experience

It was online test held on AMCAT with video on. It consisted of three sections :
i) English : It consisted of questions related to comprehensive passage , vocabulary, tenses , grammar, finding errors , framing sentences , etc . (12 MCQs , 15 minutes)

ii) Business analysis: It consisted of questions related to data interpretation , aptitude , understanding graphs, etc . ( 14 MCQs , 25 minutes )
We can't go back to previous question once moved to next one . There is no option of skipping , need to attempt all and no negative marking in first 2 sections
iii) Programming : It consisted of 2 coding questions. We can choose any language (c, c++ , Java, etc) . Here switching questions is allowed.

1st coding question : It was like there is some data loss in binary string (EX: 11?01). Task is finding all the possible combinations of the binary string by replacing the "?" with Os or 1s.
input : 11?01?
output: 110010 110011 111010 111011
2nd coding question : It was something like finding the sum of the two values whose product value is maximum in an array.
(2 questions , 60 minutes)
Here , 45 out of 114 were shortlisted for next round.

Round 3

Technical Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

It was a 30 min round held on Zoom call. I was first asked to give introduction . The interviewer next asked me to
Explain OOPS and real time applications of OOP.
Explain each feature of OOP in detail .
Why multiple inheritance is not supported in Java ?
How can we achieve types of polymorphism(compile time and run time)?
Then he asked me to share my screen and open an ide and asked to write a Java program that explains inheritance and polymorphism. Then he asked to explain code and how access modifiers work in same code. Then he asked me if I am familiar with C language . Then started asking questions,
Searching algorithms and their time complexities.
Explain Binary search algorithm.
Sorting algorithms and their time complexities.
Explain Merge sort.
Explain Recursion.
Then he asked me to write a program that prints fibonacci series using recursion. I have done it and shown the output . Then he said that he is going to recommend me for next round and suggested me to complete certification in Java8 or Java11. It was simple and interviewer was also good.

Round 4

Technical Interview

40 mins
Interview Experience

It was also 40 min round held on Zoom call. I was first asked to give introduction . Interviewer was friendly and mostly it was CV based. He asked me,
Why fluctuations in gpa from 10th standard ?
What is your goal and where you wanted to see yourself after 3 or 5 years?
Then he asked me about web design since I mentioned it in my CV.
What is your project about ?
What makes your web soo unique than others, like Why should someone prefer your web?
Why you choosed angular , mern stack ?
Do you know about stack frames ?
Then asked me to explain my projects mentioned in CV . He asked What is daily life application where this project can be used , What influenced me to do this project .
Then he asked some questions which I can say common interview questions ,
Why you choosed Wells Fargo?
Why banking?(since this company is all about banking and financial services)
what are the banking innovative ideas till date?
How you handle work pressure?
Explain a recent situation where you worked late night ?
Finally he gave a me puzzle . It was some thing like "A windowless room contains two light bulbs. Each bulb is connected to one of three switches outside of the room. Each bulb is switched off at present. You are outside the room, and the door is closed. Before opening the door you may play around with the light switches as many times as you like. But once you've opened the door, you may no longer touch a switch. After this, you go into the room and examine the lights. How can you tell which switch goes to which light?"
Then he gave me chance to ask him questions. I have asked four questions .

Round 5

HR Interview

3 mins
Interview Experience

This was telephonic round . HR called me and asked the following questions,
What was your experience in 2 rounds of technical interviews?
Where are you located ?
We are are located in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and it could be any one of them ok?
You are ok with any shift right?
Are you aware about stipend ?
If it gets converted to PPO it will convert to 20LPA.
Do you have any questions?
I have asked two questions and call lasted for 3.5 minutes (approx)
8 were selected for intern from our batch and I was one of them.


Other comments

Having confidence and expressing well help us lot . Make sure you are clear enough .
Make sure you have good battery , internet , dress sense , plain background before attending any interview .
Practice introduction , CV , etc and ask yourself some questions related to your project so your thinking also improves.
Know about company and company's requirement before you attend .