Thermax Ltd. Internship interview Experience
Mahendra Akkapatruni
Core- Plant
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7 CGPA with no current backlogs
Accepted Offer
Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

90 mins
Interview Experience

The exam consisted of Verbal, LRDI, Quants and Technical sections. Basic questions related to machining, fluid mechanics, Thermodynamics, manufacturing were asked.
Quants section can be practised from R D Sharma which is considered the best for competitive exams. Verbal and LRDI can be practised from Keep solving questions
regularly, only then you will get the required pace and accuracy. Around 20 students gave the exam.

Round 2

Group Discussion Interview

15 mins
Interview Experience

10 students were shortlisted for this round. GD was done for a group of 5 each individually, topics given were pollution and use of electric cars in India. We were given 2 minutes to
think and pen down our points. Sometimes giving a student who hasn't spoken yet, a chance may give you extra points. Never argue in a GD. Giving important points, quoting examples is equally as important how you drive the discussion and conclude it.

Round 3

Written Test Interview

10 mins
Interview Experience

Passage Writing:
After the GD, all 10 of us were given a topic and asked to write a passage on it.

Round 4

Technical Interview

40 mins
Interview Experience

The saying goes, 'As the discussion gets interesting, we forget how much time we've spent in the interview process' and it was the same for me. Basic questions related to my previous
internships in HPCL, Steel Plant and mechanical engineering were asked based on which my job role in the internship was decided after proper discussion. The interviewer liked my
CV as it was very different from the others, as I had expended a lot of time designing it. Both Technical and HR interviews were done simultaneously. All 10 of us were interviewed and depending on the overall performance of all 3 rounds, the results were declared.


Other comments

Just be serious and put proper efforts in preparing for any exam, most of them don't even qualify the computer round because they are careless. Make a proper CV and carry all the required documents which you feel need to be produced as some of the companies ask for proof. Getting an Internship through campus is very easy than getting a job because the questions asked in a job interview are difficult than those in an internship interview because the interviewer expects you to know everything in your branch of study before recruiting you.

And those of you who have secured internships, try to get a PPO which is far easy than sitting for a job, wasting your time.

Good Luck!