Fidelity Internship interview Experience
Harsh Varagiya
IT Services
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

120 mins
Interview Experience

Section 1 : 10 Comprehension type Questions (15 mins)
Easy English text based questions basically.

Section 2 : 30 Technical GK kinda Questions (45 mins)
Medium - Difficult MCQs based on data structures , algorithms , MACs , DNS Queries , Recursion , C , functions and basic programming methods.

Section 3 : 2 Coding Questions (1 Hour )
Easy - Medium questions based on Dynamic Programming ( coin change problem kind of ) and Arrays based Prime Factorisation of a given number problem .

Section 4 : 1 Algorithm Question (15 mins )
Easy - one algorithm Question where we had to write how we would approach to solve a given problem

Round 2

Technical Interview

45 mins
Interview Experience

Interviewer Introduced himself and started by asking questions about the previous round coding portion. I was asked how I approached the problem and the best way to solve it . We talked about recursion trees and dynamic programming for the coin change type problem , and about arrays in the other prime Factorisation problem .
Then I was asked questions based on my resume , like what events I participated in ( CTF Events )and what the experience was like.
Then we talked about my projects, one by one and I tackled Questions like why I used certain data structures for this problem .
I was asked to explain how bubble sort works , which I had forgotten, and I said that I don't remember, but I can try to explain , to which he said "that's too easy, leave it anyway" .
My third project was based on blockchain, and we talked lot in detail about how blockchain works , how Proof-of-concept systems work , how trust is maintained in the system , how a distributed ledger works,Signing of transaction and how a Merkel tree works and it's uses in detail . Then after discussing about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and it's uses , the interview ended.

Round 3

HR Interview

15 mins
Interview Experience

HR Introduced himself , and we started talking about my name, place , where I live , if i would be comfortable at Bangalore , and other basic questions . He also asked me about my interest in programming and Cryptography and what passion drives me to learn all this (as I was in EEE) and I just explained him about my curiosity and how all these things excite me. Then I was asked about my father's occupation, work place , and responsibilities. After that I was asked where I see myself in 5 years and I simply said "doing what I love" .
The interview ended ...


Other comments

Interviewer was a great leaning experience.
The key to cracking an interview is being 100% true. Not saying terms and words you don't know ( avoid them at all times) and thinking thrice before speaking an answer , because the next question might very well be based on this answer .. Don't feel bad if you don't know an answer be true and tell .