Morgan Stanley Internship interview Experience
Sanjana Kothari
IT Services
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CGPA 7 and above and no current backlogs
Accepted Offer
Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

110 mins
Interview Experience

The coding round had 3 sections.
The first one was technical aptitude which had questions on debugging the code and giving the outputs. It lasted for 20 minutes and had 10 questions.
The second section included 20 multiple choice questions on based on technical knowledge and aptitude. This section lasted for 30 minutes.
The third one had three coding questions and the duration was one hour.

Around 27 people were shortlisted for the interview.

Round 2

Technical Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

The interview started with a question on OOP concepts. The interviewer asked me the difference between inheritance and polymorphism and also write a code to show how polymorphism was implemented. Next was a coding question. Given a linked list where every node has a data field, a next pointer and a random pointer. The random pointer points to any random node in the list. The task was to clone the linked list. Next was a puzzle on hourglasses. Given two hourglasses, one that counts 4 minutes and the other, 7 minutes. I had to tell him how one could count 9 minutes using these two. The overall interview went quite smoothly.

Round 3

HR Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

It started off with an introduction about myself. I was asked to explain my projects which were on Android and what difficulties I faced during the course of the projects. Then he asked me if I had ever failed and if yes, how I coped with them and the learning from those failures. Next he gave me some scenarios to know how I would handle those, such as not getting along with your colleagues and meeting deadlines. He noticed the number of leadership positions I have held, in my CV, and asked me general questions about them. He also asked me why I wanted to work for Morgan Stanley.
The interviewer was extremely genial and the interview went smoothly. In the end I asked him about the work culture at Morgan Stanley, followed by wrapping up of the interview.


Other comments

Interviews and tests always send a chill down our spine, especially if its our first time. So don't panic at any point and be confident throughout the process. If you don't know a particular answer, don't just give up. Give it a try and tell them what you are thinking about. They give you hints along the way and you might even figure out the answer to the question, which you earlier thought was impossible. Know your concepts of data structures well and pick a programming language that you are comfortable in. Lastly, be genuine about all that you mention on your CV.