Fidelity Internship interview Experience
Snigdha Patil
IT Services
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

120 mins
Interview Experience

There were MCQS based on English and Technical related. In English questions were on comprehension, complete the sentence using correct phrases, arranging the sentences in correct order, meaning of the phrases, etc. English MCQS were quite easy. Technical questions were based on data structures , recursion, algorithms, DNS & IP, etc. Data structures and recursion questions were doable, whereas DNS & IP, etc related questions could be answered only if you know the answer beforehand, basically they were general knowledge of technical type.
There was no negative marking for any MCQ.
There were 2 coding questions. First one was dynamic programming problem(Coin Change). Second was to find the power of the given prime number from the given term. The term was given in the form of pairs of base and its corresponding index.
Lastly, there were 2 algorithm design questions, we had to solve one of them. First question's pseudo code in C and second question's was to be written in Java. It carried 1 mark.

Round 2

Technical Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

Firstly the interviewer asked me how am I feeling. He took a nice look at my resume and asked questions related to my academic projects. Questions were based on Java, Forest of trees, etc. He asked me about the summer project I mentioned, to describe it in detail, what technologies we used in it & its future scope. I was asked the advantages and disadvantages of linked lists, if I love coding, what inspires me to code. Lastly, he asked if I had any questions for him.

Round 3

HR Interview

40 mins
Interview Experience

The HR person asked me to tell about my life, starting from my childhood, my family, my educational journey till now. As and how I told my story, questions related to that were asked. Basically he wanted to know what kind of person I am, my thought process, my opinions, etc. Based on what I told him, he gave me situations and asked what would I do in those situations.
We had good discussions on some of the topics which popped up in the process like competitive spirit, push-pull motivation, my hobbies. I described some of the best experiences in my college life. Lastly, he asked me if I had any questions for him. I asked him 3 good questions.
The entire HR round was decent.


Other comments

Technical interview can be cracked easily. You should have deep knowledge of the projects you mentioned. Stay confident not only about the things you know but also about the things you don't know. In the urge of answering all the questions, you might end up answering something wrong, that too confidently. It is not necessary to know everything in the technical interview, but you need to assure that you have good learning and grasping capability. All you have to be is frank.
In the HR interview also you have to keep holding good discussions on good topics. They check how impressive your personality is based on how you react, the way you think, your confidence and needless to say your communication skills too. Again, all you have to be is frank!