Deloitte Internship interview Experience
Chetna Sute
IT Services
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

90 mins
Interview Experience

Around 80 students appeared for this test. The online test is divided in 3 sections : Aptitude(35 mins), Verbal test(25 mins) and Logical reasoning (35 mins). These questions can be practised beforehand. They are easily available online. The rules are : You cannot switch between sections. You cannot skip to the next question without answering the current question. You cannot come back to any of the questions, once it is answered. Since it has no negative marking, do not waste much time on a question. Take a guess and move to the next question.

Round 2

Technical Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

The students shortlisted from the online test appear for a JAM round (Just a minute). A total of 22 students were selected in this round. You are given a topic and 30 seconds to think about it. Your thoughts and opinions on the topic has to be presented in the next one minute. Communication skills are very important here. The topics aren't technical, but more related to social issues and technology. The problem solving abilities and confidence to speak are checked in this round. Since one minute is very short time, do not waste a few seconds in the beginning in giving out the context of the topic. Directly jump to your point and make sure your opinion on the topic is clearly expressed before the time runs out.

Round 3

HR Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

The shortlisted students from the JAM round appear for the final one-to-one interview. 12 students were selected for this round. The interview is mostly based on your CV. So, make sure you know everything written in your CV. Basic technical questions are asked based on the languages and projects mentioned in your CV. Confidence is the key in this round. Be confident in what you say. And if you don't know anything, show the willingness to learn.
Important questions to prepare for :
"Introduce yourselves by telling something that is not in your CV."
"Why Deloitte?"
"Why should Deloitte choose you?"
Have clever answers and make a good impression with the help of thes questions.


Other comments

5 students were finalised for the internship.
Some important suggestions:
Pay attention in the presentation given by the companies.
Ask questions, if you have any, in the presentation.
The interviewers do make you comfortable by being candid. So, do not panic and answer with confidence.
Check more Deloitte experiences online. Almost everytime the process remains the same. So, you get the advantage of being prepared for whatever is coming ahead.