Morgan Stanley Internship interview Experience
Vatsal Gosar
IT Services
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CGPA 7.0 and above; No Backlogs; CSE, ECE, EEE
Accepted Offer
Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

90 mins
Interview Experience

Firstly, an online test was conducted(90 minutes duration) on HackerRank, consisting of 19 MCQs(Data Structures, C concepts, programming concepts, data interpretation, verbal skills) and 2 coding questions(One based on string manipulation and other based on All-Pair Shortest Path Graph).
12 out of around 100 students were shortlisted for the interviews.

Round 2

Technical Interview

45 mins
Interview Experience

1. Memory management questions related to computer architecture
2.Mirror Image of a tree.(code)
3.Number of rectangles of specific dimensions in an isoceles triangle of specific dimensions.(code)
4.Find the largest possible sum of five numbers in an array of n numbers.(code). Best possible solution with system constraints provided.
5.Where is memory allocated for different types of variables in memory -heap or stack?
6.Simple questions related to trees and efficiency.

What do they expect :
- Well indented code.
- function beak down
- proper parameters of functions.
- Don't even CUT your code once written, meaning that think properly and then write. Show them that you are a true CODER.

Round 3

Technical Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

Don't remember the exact questions. Some of the above mentioned questions were asked here.
* It was en easy round.

Round 4

HR Interview

60 mins
Interview Experience

1. Why should i believe that u like coding?
-> Gave them a staright forward answer that my resume well gives you the answer to this.
My resume had good projects and some courses which i had done from 'Coursera' during my engineering.
They expect you to have a true love for Coding or say for Computer Science and you are here with some moto.

2. Why Morgan Stanley?
-> I am getting to learn Finance alongside Coding, so why not use such great opportunity.

3. Leadership qualities

4. What your friends think about you?

What do they expect :
When are you planning for higher studies?
-> Don't give an affirmative nor a negative answer for this. A diplomatic answer will prove to be a good answer for this.
Just told that since i don't know what subject exactly i want to do MS in, i have no plans for MS currently.
He was satisfied with this answer.

Why Morgan Stanley :
-> They want to see that you are truely dedicated to work with this company and they actually expect answers in that way.
The moment they catch you that you are here just because you have cleared your test and for getting some stipend, its gonna be a trouble for you.
So kindly manage to answer such questions properly.


Other comments

It is an easy interview overall to clear, provided that you are really aiming for this company with a proper preparation beforehand.
Its a great company to work in. ALL the BEST !