JP Morgan Internship interview Experience
Nikita Dhole
IT Services
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Pointer criteria: 6.5 with no current backlogs
Accepted Offer
Round 1

Technical Interview

60 mins
Interview Experience

1. Introduce yourself and describe projects.
2. Strengths and weaknesses.
3.What is datastructure?Which one you like.?
4.Questions on project you did like why did you prefer a particular language or ide? What were the challenges?
5.Mathematical puzzles(4 to 5 puzzles)[It was expected to think aloud, in some questions hints were provided]
6.Given a linked list how will you detect a cycle and how will you detect the node from which it will start? Code it.(optimal solution was required with proper syntax)[I gave few ways to this problem and then reached to optimal solution]
7.Egg dropping puzzle(Algorithm was expected)
8.OS related: what is multiprogramming? What are threads?what do we mean by kernel level implementation of threads?(I was expected to throw light on advantages of threads and convince that I am aware of the concept. Much details weren't expected)
9. I was asked to write code for one puzzle where I was provided with one situation and few helper function were given.(I am not able to recollect the question )
10. OOPS related questions were asked.(Mainly tricky conceptual questions on abstract classes and inheritance in JAVA and C++, Interfaces)
11. What is that you are interested in which is not mentioned in resume?
12.Which was your favourite subject during 12th? And asked questions related to that subject.

Round 2

HR Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

1.Why you want to join Jpmorgan?
2.Why company should hire you?
3.What is the difference, if company hires someone from local college of Nagpur and VNIT?
4.Checks your knowledge about company!(Impress by stating some facts about their company, Awards they won and thus you are fascinated to join them)
They try and trap you but DO NOT change your statements , be firm.
5.Location and shift preferences.


Other comments

1. Never lie and bluff in interview about projects you have not actually done.
2. Think aloud and be precise in your answers.