Larsen & Toubro Internship interview Experience
Vineeth Donthula
Core - R & D
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

90 mins
Interview Experience

It had two sections. The first section is aptitude which had questions on verbal ability, quantitative ability, logical reasoning.
Verbal - These questions were a bit lengthy and confusing so try to get through this as fast as possible.
Quantitative - They are basic questions based on ratios and simple equations and so on. Nothing very challenging.
Logical - If my memory serves me right these were a bit challenging.
The second section is technical which touches on the basic concepts of electrical engineering and some complicated questions. Some difficult questions that are on top of my head are related to transformers and power electronics.

Round 2

Group Discussion Interview

25 mins
Interview Experience

This was a non-eliminating round. Even though this round is non-eliminating scoring in this round is important. To put it bluntly, this score will be used as a tiebreaker after the interview round if required.
I would classify the topics as materialistic so its a bit easier to come up with valid points.

Round 3

Technical Interview

35 mins
Interview Experience

The interview panel consisted of two members and both of them asked technical questions. I personally felt that the interview is purely technical. The only non-technical question that was asked is "Tell me about yourself?".The resume doesn't carry much importance. They will give you a form after clearing the test. Take your time to fill up the form as this is the only document they will be referring to while asking you questions. If you are lucky they will ask you for a favourite subject and start asking questions on it. Be thorough with your internship topics. You can anticipate difficult questions related to your internships and your favourite subject. I chose machines as my favourite and the questions were related to the operation and design of the induction motor and comparing it with bldc motor.
In the form, there is a question related to the preferred department in which you want to work. Be prepared for a discussion on this.


Other comments

Do your homework about the company. You will get a chance to ask a question at the end of the interview. Don't waste this chance by asking something monotonous like" in which department will I be working?" , you will get a regular response like" it will be decided after your training period ".
Instead, ask something intriguing related to something that the company is working on which will make the interviewer know that you did your homework and you are very much interested in the job.