Larsen & Toubro Job interview Experience
Sanket kapse
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

90 mins
Interview Experience

The computer based test had 2 sections -1) Aptitude 2) Technical
Aptitude section had 3 subsections verbal, quantitative and logical reasoning each section had 25 questions so in all 75 questions to be solved in a time of 60 minutes, in addition to
these there was a sectional cutoff. One needs to clear the sectional cutoff as well as the overall cutoff.
After the aptitude test technical test started which had 45 questions and time allotted was 30 minutes the test checked the basics of electrical engineering . The major topics were switchgear and protection, machines and power system.
After the test,around 12 candidates from electrical were selected on the basis of the combined score of aptitude as well as technical. All the students were allowed to attempt both aptitude as well as the technical test and no short listing was done just after the aptitude test.

Round 2

Group Activity Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

One special thing about Larsen and Toubro's GD round is that it is a non-elimination round, so after GD is done next step will be an interview, however, marks are allotted to each individual in GD which will be later combined with the score of Interview and the sum of these two rounds decides your fate.
A group of 9-10 students is selected randomly and then 5 minutes are given at the beginning to jot down our views and thoughts about the given topic and then 20 minutes is for Group Discussion and at last everyone is given around 30 seconds to summarize the entire session. They will also be telling you the rules that you need to follow in the discussion.The topics given by them were quite simple. For our group the topic was "our mentality towards swach bharat abhiyan". Listen to each and every member in the group discussion and write down important facts and the points that a member is talking about, it is because at the end when you are about to give the conclusion of the discussion you will be asked to give the concluding points based on the discussion that you have done in the past 20 minutes time.

Round 3

Technical Interview

45 mins
Interview Experience

If you get selected for Group Discussion and Interview after clearing the Online Test, you are provided with a form and an add-on sheet. Online Test happens on the first day in Morning and by post-afternoon, the results come. You get the form and add-on sheet which you have to fill at your home and bring the next day. You don't have to take your resume and any certificates along with yourself, the form and add-on sheet serves this purpose.
Now I will share about the interview experience. The interview panel had two people and as I entered the room they greeted by a handshake with a big smile on their face and asked me to sit and also asked whether I need tea or not? I mentioned this because I have never seen any panel to be this humble. So the environment becomes quite comfortable. They were reading my form and add-on sheet before I entered and then the first question they asked me was, "Tell me something about yourself", then they asked for my family and academic background. Be well prepared to answer this question, as in my case my next 20-25 minutes interview was based completely on what I mentioned in my answer which comprised of me being an event manager in AXIS and event manager in AAROHI as well. They continuosly asked me questions on AXIS and AAROHI and my role in the event. The next 20-25 minutes they asked me questions on the technical topics, which began with induction motor and its starting and later they started asking me about the subjects which I have mentioned in the form provided by them, Be frank and positive while answering the question and also be firm on the answers that you give as they will not agree on the answers you give and will try to pressurize you to change your answer. At last they asked me about my internships and projects, study recent projects well as they even ask block diagrams and circuit diagrams of the circuits used.


Other comments

If your CGPA is low than be well prepared to answer the question why your cg is low as they are definitely going to ask you that question.
Also when you fill the form provided by them be completely sure about the things you are mentioning and the favourite subjects that you mention as apart from machines they will be asking you questions on your favourite subject.