ExxonMobil Job interview Experience
Vishakha Gaidhani
Core- Plant
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Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

90 mins
Interview Experience

The test consisted of 2 parts.
Part 1: Aptitude Test with 3 sections (Verbal, Logical and Quants). The verbal section was a bit time consuming as it had 3 comprehensions. Logical was up to the mark and 'Quants' was quite simple. A total time limit of 60 minutes was assigned to this part.
Part 2: Technical round. The questions covered almost all the important subjects of the second year, third year and final year as well. Most of the questions were covered from Extractive Metallurgy, Iron and Steel Making, Defects, Metal Working Process etc. A total time limit of 30 minutes was assigned to this part.

Round 2

Group Discussion Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

The group consisted of 10 members along with two of the panelists.
The topics selected were quite good and unique e.g. For our group it was “How to maximize potential of river to eradicate scarcity” and some more examples were related to Automation, Globalization, Leadership. Each topic expected you to take a stand with your group.
One minute was given in start for thinking. The one who initiates gets the advantage but he/she should make sure he has sufficient knowledge of the subject. The time given for discussion was 20 minutes. One thing you keep in mind that along with expressing your point you should respect others views as well. In the end everyone had to summarize or conclude in or less than 30 seconds (They are very disciplined about the time and your behaviour as a team member.)

Round 3

Technical Interview

60 mins
Interview Experience

The Third and the Final round consisted of Interview.
The interview was taken by a panel of two. One of them was a Technical, A mechanical engineer with 20 years of experience and other was HR. The panelists were quite friendly.
My interview started with the basic question of Tell me about yourself and “Why Metallurgy as your field”. The next 40 minutes I was asked about all technical stuff which started with Iron-Carbide diagram, then going into Depths of steel, Selection of materials for different applications further relating my intern work with their industry. Next 15 minutes about my interns. I had done three interns one was Research Intern and two Industrial Intern. Further in HR questions I was asked basic HR questions about my positions during college Life in depth with examples of Leadership, Team work and Motivation. Answer frankly whatever you feel and be honest. And go through your resume in deep.


Other comments

Be frank and Honest during Interview & your behavior during Group Discussion.