Barclays Technology Job interview Experience
Himanshu Gupta
IT Product
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

90 mins
Interview Experience

The test was divided into 6 sections.
1.General Aptitude
2.Technical Comprehension
3.Logical Analysis #1
4.Logical Analysis #2
5.Program Tracing
-> Four of them consisted of basic aptitude questions (time and work, Age, etc.) and logical interpretation. One type of question was they had given a statement and there were 4 answer choices, Statement 1 correct, Statement 2 correct, Both Correct, Both incorrect, Like that. They also provided a technical passage for comprehension and asked questions on the passage.
-> The fifth section was to interpret a program and write its output value, for a given input.
-> The last section was to write a function in either java or C for a given question. Given an array, find a subarray which is increasing or decreasing (Not necessarily consecutive but in the same order as original array) and print the difference of first and last term of that array (Print whichever gives max difference).

Round 2

Technical Interview

60 mins
Interview Experience

Technical Round 1 :
1. He asked me little about myself.
2. He asked me about my family background, what my parents do, etc.
3. He glanced through my resume. I had participated in a hackathon held by Barclays which I had mentioned in resume so he started asking questions regarding the software we had developed in the hackathon, how it worked, what technology was used,etc. He gave a different scenario of the same problem statement and asked how would i change my software then. (This discussion was most of the round 1).
4. He then asked me to write an sql query.
Three tables were given
Table 1: Employee ID, Employee Name
Table 2: Employee ID, Company Name
Table 3: Company ID, Company Name
All the 3 tables are mapped to each other. Write Query -> Given a Company ID, Output the Employee Name.
5. Asked me some OOPs concepts.
This Round was mostly based on resume and lasted for about 60 mins.In this Round i Felt he was asking very general questions and was expecting very specific answers. He was not satisfied with my answers (most of them.). Interviewer Rejected me after this round and I was asked to go back.

After an hour i got a call from TnP asking me to come back. Apparently I had topped the online test :P so they wanted to take another Technical round.
Technical Round 2:
This round lasted for about 90 mins. and there were two different panelists this time. They started by asking a little about myself, again :P
My resume was mostly about Android Development so they asked me in depth about android programming.
I had done a project in IOT(Internet Of Things) during my intern. They asked me in depth about that project, what is cloud, how did you achieve connectivity between robot and mobile (project related. ). They literally asked me to write a program for bluetooth socket connection for android application ! I was able to answer all of their questions.
Questions about Neuro Fuzzy techniques, what is fuzzy logic, what are the different algorithms in NFT,etc.
Questions related to computer networks, how packets flow from one network to another, what is OSI model, specify all the layers with their functions.
Questions related to dbms, what is atomicity, what is normalization.
They then handed me a xerox copy of the code which i had written in Online test and asked me if i remember what code that is :P They asked me to explain the whole code which I did and then they asked if i can optimize the code. They gave me 10 mins. to optimize and they left the room. I was able to optimize the code and when they came back i explained it to them.
They asked me if I have any questions for them. End.

Round 3

HR Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

Started with "Tell me about yourself". This is a standard question so keep this prepared for any future interview in any company. He then asked me about the values of Barclays (RISES) that they had mentioned in the ppt and how do I fit myself in that values. I had memorized the values :P and told him with examples from my real life how I fit in that values. He then asked me little bit about coding and the online test (Just a little bit chatter.). Then he asked me if I have any questions for him (This is important. Always ask! ). End.


Other comments

1. Keep your basics clear.
2. Stay Calm.
3. Go with the flow. No need to panic. Interviewer is just another human being like yourself :P Its just a normal conversation about things you have already done and studied.
Feel Free to contact anytime. Good Luck! :)