Welspun Corp. Job interview Experience
Ashish Garg
Core- Plant
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

60 mins
Interview Experience

Round 1 was a computer-based test and there were four different tests, each having different time limits. These tests were -
1. Quant and Reasoning
2. Verbal
3. Technical
4. Psychometric
- Tests 1 to 3 were of moderate difficulty with strict time limits while Psychometric was easy.
- Questions of Quants and Verbal were moderate but one has to be quick while doing them.
- The Technical test was hard and one needs to be well versed with all the concepts.

Round 2

Technical Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

This round was an Interview round - Both HR and Technical.
There were 3 panelists - 2 Technical and 1 HR.
I was called 5th and walked in with a copy of the CV.

My Interview started with a very common question -"Tell me about yourself", and I satisfactorily answered it (Since I was prepared for it!!).

Then, I was interviewed based on my CV and internships. They asked a variety of different questions about every internship that I did. For example, one of my internships were in Heat Treatment area, primarily in tempering. So I was asked to draw a tempering curve mentioning every detail. Various other questions were also asked concerning the subject. I answered all of them satisfactorily.

The HR guy was staring me during the entire technical round with a very stern look.
And now, It was his turn to hurl questions on me.
He started with a simple question - "Why do you want to join this organization?". I first fumbled to answer this question but later catches my breath and somehow answered it. (As I was not prepared for it!!).

My interview nearly came to an end and I was asked if I had any questions. I replied unconsciously that I will like to know about the place. Now, they were not expecting such a question but to my surprise, they answered me vehemently.

At last, I greeted them again and walked off.
All 3 panelists were very cordial during the entire length of the interview.


Other comments

Real quick suggestions -
1. Prepare condensed notes of major subjects such as - Non-Destructive Testing, Welding, Steelmaking, Iron Making, Mechanical Metallurgy. It will really help you with the test as well as in the interview.
2. It is advisable to prepare the basic set of HR questions that are always asked. Now, these questions should be unique to yourself and it should carry a sense of genuineness that matches your personality.
3. During the Interview, check your body language. You should resonate well with the panelists.
4. Always avoid asking any personal questions from a panelist - like a salary. It creates a very bad impression.
5. At last, be confident!