Larsen & Toubro Job interview Experience
Sanket Manna
Core- Plant
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

75 mins
Interview Experience

The first round was a Computer Based Test consisting of both Technical as well as Aptitude questions. There were about 30 Technical as well as Aptitude Questions. The level of Technical Questions was easy to moderate while the Aptitude Questions were a bit difficult as per the time constraint.
They had shortlisted about 70% of students from Mech for the next round.

Round 2

Group Discussion Interview

20 mins
Interview Experience

The Shortlisted students were divided into groups of 10-12 for the Group Discussion Round.
The topics were quite generic and pertaining to daily life scenarios which we are well versed with. Ample time was given to all the participants to present their opinions and in the end, we had to come to a conclusion.
This is not an elimination round but marks were allotted for the round and it plays a crucial role in the final selection.

Round 3

Technical Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

All the shortlisted candidates for the PI round were asked to fill a form briefly detailing their internships, projects and extracurricular activities. There was no need of our resume for the round. The interview began with the usual Tell Me about Yourself Question. It was followed by questions on my summer internship. This was followed by a question on SFD, BMD diagram of a simply supported beam. Questions were also asked on Refrigeration cycle, its T-s diagram and P-h diagram. Apart from this, some typical HR questions were asked on our form. This was followed by me asking questions about the work profile and work location.


Other comments

1)You should be well versed with all the points on your resume.
2)Research about the company and make the most about your opportunity of asking questions to the recruiter.
3)Try to remain confident throughout the interview.