Larsen & Toubro Job interview Experience
Ranit Das
Core - R & D
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

Questions were mainly asked from manufacturing process with medium level of difficulty. Anyone preparing the basic things will crack it easily.

Round 2

Group Discussion Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

The topic of discussion was M.Tech or MBA after B.Tech. It was non eliminating round but the scores were carried forward to the next round.

Round 3

Technical Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

Both technical and HR round was conducted simultaneously. There were two Panelists(P1 & P2), Both in their mid-50s. I was the 6th person to b e called in for interview. My (M) interview went something like this :
M : Good afternoon, sir.
P1 & P2 : Good afternoon M.
P1 : So M, tell me something about yourself.
M : Told that same learned sentences which I have been using in the last 3 companies.
P2 : So, you have done your internship in IIT Kharagpur. Tell me something about the project there.
M : Told in detail about the project along with the publications associated with it.
P1 : So M, I see you have a great record in academics throughout your career. That's quite impressive. So tell me something about your final year project.
M : Told what was known to me at that time.
P2 (smilingly) : So, I see you are also doing research about it and don't know much till now.
M : Actually sir, it was allocated to us last week only. so, we haven't started in detail regarding it.
P2 : How you guys are allocated project ?
M : Told the entire procedure.
P1 : Great. Now let's move to technical section. Draw SFD & BMD of a Cantilever beam with UDL.
M : Drawn
P1 : Can you draw it's slope and deflection diagram ?
M : Yes sir , I can derive and draw.
P2 (interrupting) : Ok, it's fine. No need to draw. Tell me in brief about Euler's Bending theory.
M : Explained in detail with diagram.
P2 : What do you know in Fluid Mechanics ?
M : Sir, I know in basic regarding that but for this interview i haven't focused on it. Rather, I have studied, Solid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Machine Design and Heat Transfer in detail.
P2 : So, just a basic question. Draw a cross-sectional diagram of centrifugal pump.
P1(intervening) : Ok M, leave it. (Thank God he intervened, otherwise I would have been screwed up). I see you are studying a subject called Power Plant Engineering. Tell us about the cycles used in power plant.
M : Sir, which one, Gas turbine power plant or steam turbine power plant?
P1 : Both.
M : Explained both of them using schematic diagram as well as P-h and T-s diagram.
P1 : Good. So, can we use both cycles in a same power plant?
M : No idea sir. We haven't read about it till now.
P1 : Ok. You will read later on that we can.
M : Ok sir.
P2 : Okay M, So do you have any location problem?
M : No sir, I have come this far to study. So. it won't be a problem for me to stay away from home for job too.
P2 : Saudi bheju to chalega ? (If we send you to Saudi, will it be fine for you?)
M : Pakistan chodh k kuch bhi chalega sir. ( Everywhere except pakistan will be fine sir)
(Both of them laughed)
P1 : So any questions from your side ?
M : Asked questions like what is the role of L&T in defence technologies?, what can I do to improve myself?
P2 : Thank you so much M. Please tell the next candidate to come after 5 minutes.
M : okay sir. thank you so much.
My interview lasted for around 30 minutes. Results came after around a week and 16 of us got selected.


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