Mukand Steel Job interview Experience
Suchith Nooti
Core- Plant
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Technical Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

Usually we will have interviews in our campus,but this company called the shortlisted students of the written exam to their plant and I had my interview in their plant.It was a hectic day traveling from Nagpur to their place and everyone were a bit nervous because we couldn't have proper sleep but still I never gave up.First interview was mine so I am free from asking others how was the panel and all and become tensed,I was cool and went inside and there were 4 people sitting in that room,2 were from electrical dept ,1 was that company head and the last one HR.The company head started the interview by looking into my CV, first he asked me what my name meant and where iam from,then 2 electrical people started asking questions one after the another ,those were of of basics and medium level only and in the middle plant head used to distract in the middle by asking some general questions and in the last Hr asked my family background and He was sitting right side of me observing my behavior and all.I was confident in my answers and had a smile on my face throughout the interview.I answered about 70-80% of the questions and when the results were declared I was selected...And I gave nearly 10 core interviews ,In some of the companies even my interview went well but my pointer is 7.2,people with pointer 8+ had more chances of getting placed..


Other comments

Don't loose hope if you are not getting placed in the starting companies,never give up and always try to give your best without loosing your confidence,one day you will definitely achieve.
Best of luck