AM/NS India Job interview Experience
Sumanshu Sethi
Core- Plant
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Written Test Interview

60 mins
Interview Experience

Mainly there were aptitude questions and some technical questions, divided Into two different sections. The test will be easy if you are well prepared and in practice with the aptitude and very basic technical questions were asked.

Round 2

Technical Interview

20 mins
Interview Experience

The interview panel consisted of 2 members, one of them belonged to the technical field and the other being the HR representative from the company. The interview started with the usual introduction part. I told them about my college life, extracurriculars, and my internship experience. They asked me a couple of questions about my family, what my father did, and what made me join engineering instead of the family business. I answered them explaining my eagerness to learn new things, my interest in studies, and how I wanted to do something on my own. Then they asked me about my internship work and what was the project I worked on. As my project was related to Steelmaking through the DRI route, he asked me a couple of questions regarding that. They were extremely happy to find that I remembered the details about my internship work and I was able to explain it to them with my theoretical knowledge of Ironmaking and Steelmaking subjects. My suggestions for the junior batches applying for similar kinds of jobs would be to be well prepared and thorough about your internship work because that is the first thing they would look for, whether you have understood the things or you have only done that for the sake of doing. Understanding of anything will reflect your interest in it, which is what they are looking for as a recruiter. And if you do not have any internship experience, then you must be very well prepared with the technical subjects of your branch. Basics are very important for any technical interview.


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