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Sagar Bansal
IT Services
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All branches/ 7 CGPA
Accepted Offer
Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

90 mins
Interview Experience

This round consists of 2 coding questions. One of the questions was very easy and based on the mapping. Another one was of medium difficulty and based on dynamic programming. Passing all the test cases for this question was really tough. I guess very few were able to pass all the test cases. 45 students were shortlisted from this round.

Round 2

Technical Interview

50 mins
Interview Experience

The interviewer was very friendly and gave me some time to make me comfortable. He first asked me some basic questions like "Tell me about yourself" and "Why you are interested in an IT company when you belong to Metallurgy". I think I answered both the questions very well and he seemed quite impressed with that. After that, he started to ask some technical questions which were of quite a basic-level. He just wanted to be sure that I was comfortable with the programming stuff. But later he started asking questions on OS and low level of computer architecture. I wasn't able to answer any of the questions and this was where I started panicking as he was continuously asking me on that only. In those five minutes, I wasn't able to answer any of the questions. After that, he looked at my CV and he started asking me about my internships and projects. I know this is the part where I have to be more confident in answering questions because I was well prepared and experienced in what I have done in the last three years. Later on, he asked me for some conceptual based questions on OOPs programming like private classes, public classes, protected classes, Abstraction, Encapsulation, etc. I answered that very well. Thanks to some confidence I gained after answering questions on my CV previously. He again looked at my CV, asked questions on ML basics like cost functions, gradient descent, etc. After being satisfied with the answers, he gave me a program to write. The question was to convert the amount in digits to the words and there was no upper limit on the amount. I asked him for a programming language that I can use. He said you can use whatever programming language you want or even you can write the pseudo-code. I chose C++ because I was very confident about that. I wrote the program successfully and explained it very well to the interviewer. He emphasized the data structure I used and also asked me to optimize it. In the end, all went well. But, this wasn't the end of my first ever interview. He later said, "I will say a word at a time and you only need to say whether you have heard that word or not". He said around 8-10 words from which I already knew 1-2 hardly. I thought I was gone, but the interviewer had a different opinion. He told me that he is impressed with me and what I have done on my own before coming to the interview and I will have to work hard to cope up with the topics I could not prepare well. Out of 45, only 13 was shortlisted from this round.

Round 3

HR Interview

45 mins
Interview Experience

I don't know why but I was really afraid before going to the interview room. The interviewer asked me typical HR questions initially like tell me about yourself, tell me how you helped your friend, tell me where you worked as a group leader etc. I told her all about what I have done in the E-cell and student portal but I was stammering. She told me to take my time and drink some water which was quite a friendly gesture.
Later, she asked me to "Tell me about the time when I was feeling low and how I came over that?". After my answer, she told me that I should not feel like that and I already did very well. She also asked me how I came up with the programming and how I managed my department. At the end that was a cool interview and in the interview itself she told me that I am selected and not to tell that to anyone before the final results. Also yeah, she told me to work on my English and to make it fluent.


Other comments

Always be confident and believe in yourself and what you have done. Also, be polite and don't try to act over-smart. Never lie in the interview and rather show the confidence to the interviewer that you will learn the topics you don't know before joining.
From a preparation point of view, solve questions on Hackerrank and don't imitate by someone else and do whatever is right for you and do what you really like.