Axxela Advisory Job interview Experience
Ritik Khandelwal
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

35 mins
Interview Experience

The 1st round was based on speed maths. In this segment, we had to solve 36 questions in 5 minutes. Each set had 6 questions and we were not allowed to move back to the previous set. Speed and accuracy were the keys in this segment. Good accuracy of 95% and the attempt of 26-28 questions is necessary (This was my case, I attempted 28 questions in 5 minutes).
In the second segment of the CBT, it was an aptitude and logical reasoning test. We had 25 questions which were to be solved in 30 mins. Accuracy is an important factor. An attempt of 23 questions with 95% is good. The scores of the CBT test not only is useful for your qualification for the next round but also an important aspect for final selection.

Round 2

Group Activity Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

This was actually a game in which we were supposed to trade in our group. This part of the interview is very nicely explained during the process by the company personnel. So, make sure you understand the game and act accordingly. It is better if one is attentive during the game as questions were also posed in the final interview from this part of the process.

Round 3

HR Interview

52 mins
Interview Experience

No candidate was allowed to talk or even communicate with the other candidate during the whole process. Every candidate was supposed to leave the building as soon as his/her interview was done. In order to maintain authenticity, all of us was asked to submit our phones as well.
1. The very first question which was posed is to tell all the sgpa and cgpa starting from 1st semester to the 6th semester.
2. Why should we take you? (As I was having a good cgpa according to them, so this question was posed at least 5 times during the interview). So, better be ready for this.
3. A 16 digits number was written on a paper and I was asked to memorize it. Later, after 3-4 questions, they asked me to recite the number in backward order (which I wasn't able to answer).
4. Questions related to group activity were also asked.
5. What will you if the price of a share is continuously falling?
6. How will you invest money considering the risk which is involved?


Other comments

Every round of the selection process is very important. My HR interview was no that great but the group activity and the CBT actually saved me in the process. So prepare well for the process.