OFSS Job interview Experience
Shubham Chopra
IT Product
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The company had a pointer criteria of 7 and no current backlog
Accepted Offer
Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

60 mins
Interview Experience

An online MCQ test was conducted, consisting of 4 sections - Verbal, Aptitude, Programming Skills, Computer Science Concepts.The questions were easy.Every section had a specific time limit.Questions were from DBMS(basic SQL queries), some questions related to Data structure and its implementations(trees, linked list, arrays), and basic aptitude questions.

Round 2

Technical Interview

90 mins
Interview Experience

The interview began with basic HR questions, like tell me about yourself, then I was asked to write a few codes and questions which were
Full codes were expected in any language of your choice:-
1) Multiplication and transpose of matrices
2) Inverse of Matrices
Discussion about doing the same thing using pointers and basic questions on pointer.
3) To detect and remove a loop in a linked list.
4) Discussion about merge sort and its complexities.
5) Basic OOPS questions
6)How will you explain polymorphism to a layman?
7) As I was from non-cse background, he asked me am I comfortable with basics questions on Transistors and gates. To which I declined and said I am not that comfortable in ECE topics and he agreed to continue with programming questions .(If you are not comfortable in any topic say it at directly, before the interviewer digs too deep into it ).
8) To write a code for Multiplication of 2 numbers with 20 digits each. later this was modified to the multiplication of a fraction(such as 22/7) with another number with many digits.
9) 1/(2^2)+2/(3^2)+.....infinty what happens when the number becomes too large(was somewhat related to the previous question and only logic was expected )
10) A puzzle and some aptitude questions like find the missing number.
11) Questions related to the previous project done and the reason for low pointer.
12) Discussion on hobbies
PS: - Technical interview level varied a lot from interviewer to interviewer, some were just asked programs for factorial and Fibonacci series. So be prepared.

Round 3

HR Interview

15 mins
Interview Experience

Tell me about yourself?
Strengths and weaknesses and what are you doing to improve your weaknesses?
How many interviews did I appear for and what was the reason for rejection?
Long discussion on the project which was based on IOT.He was really interested to know more about it.
Why Oracle?
Tell me a situation you faced which was very difficult and how you found the solution?
He asked if I had any questions