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Harish Mondi
IT Services
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

90 mins
Interview Experience

This round had 2 coding questions where first one was a simple mapping question and the second question was based on the dynamic programming and it was difficult to solve all the testcases. All the candidates who solved one or more questions were shortlisted to the next round.

Round 2

Technical Interview

50 mins
Interview Experience

This round started with the basic questions like "Tell me about Yourself" and "Tell me some topics you are really good at" from the interviewer.I introduced myself and told him some of the topics i was confident in .After that he started reading my CV and asked me some questions about the technical projects i did , after that he observed the programming languages mentioned in there and started testing my programming skills. At the beginning he gave me some simple coding problems based on the data structures but later he increased the difficulty level. He said that i could use any programming language or pseudo code it. I tried to answer those questions but could not solve them completely.After that he asked some conceptual questions on Oops concepts like Inheritance, polymorphism,abstraction,etc.and asked me to explain them practically by constructing some sample classes. After that the interviewer moved on to the technical part and asked some questions about the relational and Nosql databases.I explained him everything i knew using examples and later he asked me about the basic sql queries. Later he asked some questions on Software development models like waterfall and agile and also the Use case diagrams.After that he asked me whether i knew anything about the OSI model and i explained him about the different layers of protocols. After that he said, "I will say a few words and tell me what do you know about them".He said 6 names of some softwares that were popular at that time out of which i hardly knew 3 words and told him what i knew. He ended the interview with an advice that was to be aware of the new technologies around the world.

Round 3

HR Interview

20 mins
Interview Experience

This round started again with the same question "Tell me about yourself ",but this time it should be straight and very brief.After my introduction the interviewer asked me about my hobbies and the extracurricular activities.Later she saw my cv and asked me "Tell me some of your strengths and weaknesses", i answered the question confidently and then she asked me to explain the reason behind them(like why it is a strength and not a failure).After that she gave some real life situations and asked me to explain how i would react to those conditions and all of this was to test the team management skills. And later she asked me to tell some of my past situations when i was angry ,sad and happy. Finally i answered the very common question that is "why do you want to join this company?"


Other comments

Read about the company details before attending the interview and this will help you in answering the questions like "why do you want to join the company?" and "Do you have any questions?"at the end. And don't repeat the questions that have been answered already in the pre-placement talk. Be clear and honest with your CV. Practice and solve as many problems as you can from any coding platform like Hackerrank ,codechef etc. Be confident and honest while answering . All the best!