ExxonMobil Job interview Experience
Tanish Verma
Core- Plant
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No CGPA Criteria
Accepted Offer
Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

90 mins
Interview Experience

It was an Online Test of 90 minutes. The first 60 minutes were typical aptitude based questions consisting of verbal ability , numerical ability and analytical and logical reasoning which can be easily practiced on sites such as Indiabix. The next 30 minutes were for technical questions which were pretty basic in nature and were mostly theoretical.

Round 2

Group Discussion Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

The group discussion was carried out on Zoom. Initially each participant had to give a short 30 second introduction of himself infront of the panellists . After that the topic was given and a minute of time was given to think about the topic and then the GD started which lasted for about 20 minutes . After that each participant had to give a 1 minute conclusion of the discussion.

Round 3

HR Interview

40 mins
Interview Experience

The interview was mostly very casual and easy going . It was a techno-HR interview .The panel was very soft spoken and supportive. Initially a quick personal introduction was asked. After that they mostly asked questions based on my resume. A suggestion would be to not lie about anything on your resume as they can quiz you on anything that intrigued them.My past internships and projects were of the main focus for them and I was grilled a lot on it . However the grilling was not very technical . They just wanted to know what skills I learnt from the internship. Also they were quite curious to know as to how one has spent his/her lockdown time . Since I had done plenty of online courses and programmes it was easy to navigate. They were also keenly interested in any PORs which could showcase your leadership skills as such and wanted real life experiences of the same. Towards the end various behavioral questions were asked . Overall the interview went very smoothly for me without any hiccups.


Other comments

Be calm and composed throughout the process. The recruiting team is a group of very friendly people who just want to know you better. Also communication plays a vital role in both the GD and Interview so brush up on those skills. Dont panic and just go with the flow. All the best.