Capgemini Job interview Experience
Abhilekh Dixit
IT Services
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

100 mins
Interview Experience

The written test was conducted on the cocubes platform. This round consisted of 4 sections.

Pseudocode round(25 questions -25 minutes)
English(30 questions – 30 minutes)
Game-based aptitude test (4 games)
Psychometric test (100 questions)

The pseudocode round comprised of 25 MCQ’s which included basic pseudocode questions and data structures related questions.
The English round was fairly easy and the questions were like reading comprehension, direct and indirect speech, antonym, synonym, etc.
The third round was a game based test which required strong memory and deduction skills.
The last Psychometric test was not a filtration round but to purely assess your way of thinking and behavior.

Round 2

Technical Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

The technical interview was conducted virtually using the superset platform itself. It started with interviewer asking me to introduce myself. After introducing myself, he read my resume and asked questions regarding the projects I had done. Since there was not any CSE project, he asked me if I had knowledge about any coding subjects or the core CSE subjects.. To which I replied that I was an intermediate coder and during the lockdown, I studied subjects such as SQL, DBMS, OS and Networking. He was impressed by this and said that what they want are people who can quick learners. He then asked me a few questions regarding Normalization in DBMS and their forms. He then asked me about my final year project which again I explained in detail. Then he started asking me some normal questions like why did I want to a company in the IT sector when I'm doing ECE etc., my low CGPA while comparing with other shortlisted candidates. He then started asking some C++ questions on how to reverse an array, then extending it to how to reverse my name given as a string. He then asked me if I had any questions for him to which I asked what will the necessary skills be while working in Capgemini. To which he answered that we will be given a 6 month training period we would be taught all the needed skills for the same.

Round 3

HR Interview

5 mins
Interview Experience

Immediately after my technical round, I had my HR round on the same superset platform. This was a relatively easy round starting with me being asked to produce my verification. She then asked me where I lived, whether or not I had any backlogs, why would I like to join Capgemini, what is my biggest accomplishment and other basic HR questions. The key is to think of this round as you would normally converse with someone. It is basically just to check of the candidates are fluent in their communication.


Other comments

Being confident is the key. If at any point you do not know the answer to a question, directly tell them that you do not know this. My tech skills were moderate but Capgemini is more interested people who have strong communication skills and are quick learners. It is fairly easy to get into it once you have cleared your first round. A total of 9 people were selected for the role of Senior Analyst of the 18 shortlisted and 360 people who had given the test.