Deloitte Job interview Experience
Nikhil Reddy
Business Analyst
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

90 mins
Interview Experience

This round was quite easy, English was a little difficult but aptitude was very easy. Also there was no coding in the CBT, so non-coder have a fair shot.

Round 2

JAM Interview

2 mins
Interview Experience

In this round you'll be asked to choose a number between 1-40, once you select a number you're given a corresponding topic, although you can change the topic but that might lose you some points so better don't. My topic was "Feedback from customers to enhance a product " .Coming to the JAM you have a total of 2 minutes, you are supposed to speak for a maximum of 1 minute (this was different according to the group some were told a maximum of 1 minute, and some were told a minimum of 1 minute so just prepare for both situations and go with the flow). So I took about 30 seconds to note down all my points and spoke about it for approximately 45 seconds or so.

Round 3

Technical Interview

20 mins
Interview Experience

My interview started with a "Tell me about yourself" which was followed by "why Deloitte". After that lot based on my resume. My interviewer questioned me on my projects and internships. I was asked about my knowledge on coding, I didn't have much so I said the same and he didn't question anymore on that. I was asked one case study based question. Apart from that he asked me if any of the projects I've done so far could be useful for daily use. Also yeah if you worked completely on core and then made a switch to this domain make sure you have a proper answer because I was asked this question. I concluded by asking a question about the company and that was all.


Other comments

1. Practice your aptitude and verbal properly.
2. Make sure you practice well (you can find the topics on quora for practice) and plan your time distribution wisely in JAM.
3. In case you have a lot of points to talk about in JAM select a few of them which best make your point rather than hurrying over all the points.
4. Be confident while you speak, if you don't know something say you don't know. Don't beat around the bush.
5. Don't lie on your resume, if they ask you about it and you fail to answer it properly you'll be losing points.
6. In the end, if the interviewer asks "Do you have any questions?". Ask a question .