Deloitte Job interview Experience
Sai Prakash
Business Analyst
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

90 mins
Interview Experience

Simple quants and verbal questions. The level of the questions was easy, so it's important to carefully answer all the questions as the paper is easy to all and this is an eliminating round.

Round 2

JAM Interview

2 mins
Interview Experience

They basically test thinking on feet capabilities through Just-A-Minute round. While the objective is not to speak sophisticated things, rather it is to present your communicational skills. A random number from 1-40 was to be chosen and my topic was "Replacing Umpires on the field with technology", other topics were based on the current trending topics like Cryptocurrency, blockchain, AI, etc.
Again the objective is not to say the right things (doesn't mean you can talk gibberish) but one has to focus on 3-4 things; an introduction, some content, a few examples, and finally a conclusion.
We were given 2 minutes out of which we had to speak for 1 minute at least, while the rest of the time can be used to gather your thoughts, jot it down, utilize that time.

Round 3

Technical Interview

45 mins
Interview Experience

Started off with "What were the projects/Interns you've done and how did that help you?". After I listed down my projects and interns, the interviewer went on to ask the one project which caught his attention. From there on the interview was pretty much about the Autonomous Self Driving vehicle simulation project that I had simulated, how that can be implemented in India, what can be the challenges.
Have a clear idea of what you've done in your project and why. There were some technical questions related to the project but most of them tested the intuition behind the code or idea.
A few HR questions like "Why Deloitte? Why not any company specializing in ML, AI?", "Your opinion on Open-Ended projects, how to deal with them"
Finally, it ended off with "Do you any question?", the answer from his end was very detailed and insightful.


Other comments

I checked Prepinsta and AMCAT questions. Practiced the few topics which I'm good at in quants.

In the one minute you have, just think of one point from each; Intro, content, example, and a conclusion. Try not to repeat points.

1. Don't expect the interview to always start with "Tell me about yourself", it's a small thing but might throw you off track.
2. Finish the end of your answer with the topic you want the interviewer to question about. There are chances you're in for a "Stress Interview" and a single word can change the direction of the interview which you were not ready for.
3. For any HR question like "are you a team player?", etc always try to attach a story from your time in college where you were stuck in a problem and how you dealt with it. It's better to think before-hand all the times you were in a problem academically or during a project, or while managing an event, and how you dealt with it.
4. Do ask a question at the end. Go through the website of the company, see the latest trends on LinkedIn. Check out the panelists on LinkedIn (You'll get their names during the PPT session).
5. This is very important, don't let the interviewer feel like it's a viva. Make it a "conversation", to bookend the conversation do ask a question.