IQuanti Inc Job interview Experience
Aditya Borkar
Graduate Analysts
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

90 mins
Interview Experience

The aptitude test was conducted on Hire Pro platform and had mainly 5 sections(Quantitative and Qualitative Aptitude, DI, LR and VARC. There was time limit for each section. It was a fairly easy round and general aptitude questions were asked which can be found on many websites like Indiabix.
Around 50 people were selected after this round.

Round 2

Skype/Telephonic Interview

45 mins
Interview Experience

This round was focused on communication skills and was evaluated through AI. You can find more about this round on the link below.
Just try to speak fluently without stammering and you will be able to sail through this round.
Around 10 people were selected after this round.

Round 3

HR Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

Fairly easy round which was more focused on Digital Marketing and general questions based on resume. I am listing down the questions that were asked below.
1) Why Digital Marketing?
2) How will you increase the sales of an ecommerce company?
3) Give me an example where you made use of Data to make decisions in real life.
4) Why Digital Marketing and not Data Science ( I had projects related to Data Science in my resume)
5) Questions related to their website. ( I never checked their website :-p )

Also general HR related and situation based questions were asked.
They don't care about your answer as they are only interested in your English speaking skills. Even if you mention that you are an Instagram model they won't care as long as you speak fluently.


Other comments

Just keep calm and be yourself. Also make a nice resume where there is something more than Axis and Arohi. If you are not confident about your communication skills, make a list of those funny HR questions and just learn them.