Rebel Foods Job interview Experience
Ravi sagiraju
IT Services
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

25 mins
Interview Experience

The online test with 25 MCQ questions totally on the backend, java, python, frontend.
Exam time -25 min.
Above 12 marks got shortlisted.

Round 2

Technical Interview

60 mins
Interview Experience

It Started with tell me about yourself, and the interviewer started asking about my 2 intern projects mentioned on my resume. As I mentioned react js, so he asked few questions on react, ex: why react, advantages over other technologies, and some basic concepts of react js.
Q1) what is a web API and questions related to API integrations? (I Mentioned so that's the reason)
Q2) Anagram question, he asked me to run the code in any online IDE.(easy)
Q3) (he helped me with hints)
Later he asked me any questions and I asked about culture and various technologies and basic questions.
I mentioned react js ,js,python,cpp.
But I solved the programming question in CPP. so why CPP he asked me and told me to make sure what you are doing rather than doing master any one technology. But in the end, he told me as a fresher u can explore it's fine.
My answer: I use react for web development.
I use CPP for competitive programming.
I use PYTHON for the final year project.

Round 3

Technical Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

The round directly started with a very basic programming question.
Q1) Prime number efficient approach.
From here totally the interview went on DBMS.
He asked me to design a database schema using NORMALISATION. (he gave hints)

Post that he asked me 2 SQL questions, I didn't remember the question but one question is easier and the second one is tricky and I solved it partially (later he gave a hint to solve it completely)
Later a basic question 301square - 299 square (question-related to a square - b square)
Interview ended.

Round 4

HR Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

It's Totally a friendly Interview. She introduced herself and asked me to introduce myself. Later she explained about the company, She asked me to explain what all I know(actually I got a call post 2nd interview to look into company details in linked in and in their website). And some basic situation-based questions just be smart to answer them. Later strength and weakness etc.
And Hr is from Nagpur and she asked me about Vnit and my experience with college that's it over as she mentioned they are a fast-paced company, she informed me I'll get offer letter in one day.


Other comments

Basics of what you mentioned in your resume and adapting the interview situation is the key role.
Make sure you know everything, you mentioned in your resume.