Wells Fargo Job interview Experience
Sarath Gaddamanugu
IT Services
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

100 mins
Interview Experience

Many students are shortlisted before the start of this round based on CGPA and then the shortlisted students are given links for the round 1 test. This test was conducted on AMCAT platform and consists of 3 sections.
1. English - 12 questions in 15 min
2. Data interpretation - 25min
3. Coding section - 2 questions in 60 min

Round 2

Technical Interview

60 mins
Interview Experience

The students who cleared the online test are called for technical interview conducted on Zoom.
The interview started with introduce yourself and then he asked about the coding languages I know. He then asked about C++ ( I said I am comfortable with C++ and python) like what is C++ and what is the difference between structure and class. He asked what is a pointer and about pass by value and reference with a pseudo code. He then asked about classes and does classes work as pass by value or reference? with pseudo code. Arrays vs Linked lists have to explain the advantages and disadvantages of both. He asked about the new keyword in C++. I was asked to write a pseudo code for reversing a linked list iterative and recursive and decimal to binary recursion. Finally he asked me about polymorphism. The interviewer was very patient and corrects you whenever you are making your answer complex.

Round 3

Technical Interview

45 mins
Interview Experience

The students who cleared the first technical interview round are called for second interview round with a gap of 30 min after the first round. This round also started with introduction and he asked me how was my day. Then he opened my profile on his computer and went through my resume. He then asked about the languages I know and asked mw why I haven't learnt JAVA. He asked me about function overriding and then went on to my CV. He asked me about MySQL and HTML and when I learned them. He then asked me to explain my project on IoT( Internet of things) in depth. Then he asked me a few HR questions like
1. What would you do if you have a dispute with one of your colleague at company?
2. You are more into IoT and ML and your company is following some old technology. How do you tackle it?
He then again moved onto technical things and asked me how would you design a banking website with the skills you have and he also asked me about the testing stage in SDLC( Software development Life cycle).
He asked me if I have any questions for him and told me that HR would contact you.
The interviewer was good and the conversation with him was so pleasant.

Round 4

HR Interview

15 mins
Interview Experience

The students who cleared the 2nd technical interview are called by HR. This was a telephonic HR round. HR asked me to introduce myself. Then he asked me about
1. My name and about my family members.
2. If I had done any internship or not? if not what have you done during that time?
3. Why did you choose Wells Fargo?
4.What are your hobbies?
5.Are you ok with any location and any idea for higher studies?
After the completion of these questions he said me that the results would be announced by your Tnp department.

The results came around 8pm and I was selected.


Other comments

Keep cool and talk with confidence through out the interview.