Wells Fargo Job interview Experience
Suraj Kaple
IT Services
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

100 mins
Interview Experience

The test was hosted on AMCAT platform. It had 3 sections.
1. English (12 MCQs in 15 mins.) - Had standard English questions asked in any AMCAT test like correct the sentence, fill up with the appropriate word, arrange the jumbled parts of a sentence and a passage at the end (passage consisted of 4 questions).
2. Business Aptitude (15 MCQs in 25 mins.) - Tables or graphs were given for every question. The questions were to test how well you analyze and understand the given data. Speed was key here.

In both of the above sections, you cannot visit any previously answered question.

3. Coding (Everybody got 2 questions from a larger pool of questions to be solved in 60 mins)
i. Given a ring network of N systems, a virus destroys the kth system in a clockwise manner. Any destroyed system is removed from the network instantaneously. Find the last system which the virus would destroy.
ii. N coordinates were given in a 2D plane. Find the minimum number of straight lines required to cover all the coordinates at least once.

Out of around 100 students, 33 were shortlisted for technical interviews

Round 2

Technical Interview

55 mins
Interview Experience

Held on zoom.
First, the interviewer introduced himself and then asked for my introduction.
Then we had a deep discussion about my projects. Later, he asked me to share my screen and open a code editor. Question was to find the next 5 digit palindrome number of the given 5 digit number.
Then he asked, "Which problem in society would you like to solve using technology?"
Further, I was asked about a hackathon in which I had participated.
Lastly, he offered to ask any questions.

Round 3

Technical Interview

45 mins
Interview Experience

Again held on zoom.
First, the interviewer mentioned the areas he would be covering in the interview and then asked me to introduce myself.
Then he asked a couple of technical questions.
1. What is encapsulation? Give an example.
2. Tell me about any data structure.
Next, he asked about one of my projects and questions on the technologies I had used and why.
Then he asked if I had used python anywhere.
Later, he wanted to know my area of interest in which I would like to work (I replied Product development). Then he followed with questions like
1. What is testing and how will you test your product?
2. Why is testing automation required?
3. Do you know any tools used for testing?
4. How would you make your product resilient?
5. A question on scalability.
He then asked, "Why do you want to join Wells Fargo?"
The final question was a situation based question - "Your manager makes you work for long hours regularly. How would you go about resolving this issue?"
Lastly, he offered to ask any questions.

Round 4

HR Interview

10 mins
Interview Experience

I got a call on my mobile from the interviewer without any prior notice.
1. Asked where I live and my family background.
2. Why didn't you do an internship?
3. Why should we hire you?
Lastly, he offered to ask any questions.


Other comments

The interviewers were very friendly and patient.
Know your resume well and include only that information about which you are confident.
Give a good introduction.
Being confident and having a learning attitude is important.
Give your best!