JP Morgan Job interview Experience
Kunal Moharkar
Software Engineer
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

90 mins
Interview Experience

It consisted of 2 coding questions to be solved in 90 minutes.


I was able to solve the first one completely and the second partially.
This round was not an elimination round. All the candidates received invites for the next round.

Round 2

HR Interview

10 mins
Interview Experience

This was an automated video-based interview on the HireVue platform where we had to record our answers to two questions. For me the questions were -
Describe a real-life Learning experience.
what are your career goals?
2 mins were given to answer each question.

Based on coding and HR round shortlist for the hackathon was announced.

Round 3

Hackathon Interview

30 mins
Interview Experience

It was a 24 hr Hackathon. There were 90+ teams (6-7 members in each team) divided into 2 groups. Each group having to choose from 5 problem statements. The problem statements were allocated on a first come first serve basis hence, It's important to quickly pick one aligning with the tech knowledge and interests of your team.

Once the problem statement is assigned coding phase starts. The problem statement will ask for many features to be implemented. Plan among yourselves and divide them into the must-have and good to have features. Focus on completing the must-have ones and a few from good to have. Also, keep thinking about a unique feature that will make your hack stand out.

There will be mentors present with you throughout the hackathon. Make sure you discuss with them your ideas. Also, ask for help if stuck somewhere (A team of experts is there for you to resolve your issues).

For the submission, A video demo, ppt, and a project page are to be submitted. Make sure you start working on them along with the coding.
(We had to make a hasty demo video due to lack of time).

Finally, we have to present our solution to the expert panel and NGOs.
(Be quick here as each team has a limited time. Focus on showing the demo of standout features). Our team could not make it to the next stage of the hackathon but all of us got the offers :)


Other comments

Time is limited. So don't focus on building a production-ready system.
Implicit requirements can be kept on low priority. focus on the ones mentioned explicitly(We bypassed the login and auth module).

As code for good is a hackathon for social good, the stakeholders are in most cases less privileged ones. A multi-lingual/voice supporting system is one of the requirements. Being ready with boilerplate code for this part could come in handy.

Mentors are the key people in your hiring decision. They are constantly observing you. (you don't need to do something out of the box to impress them. Make sure you put forth your ideas in front of the team confidently and do your part of the work sincerely.

Finally, don't lose hope however difficult the situation is. Keep trying. Make the best of this opportunity.
Have Fun, All the best!