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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Technical Interview

5 mins
Interview Experience

First Round was Speed Maths. It consisted of 50 questions in 5minutes. The questions were Simple BODMAS based. At a time 5 questions were visible on screen, consisting of total 10 pages (5X10=50). An Attempt of 25-30 with 90% Accuracy can qualify you to the next round.
Note - Around 400 Students Applied for Company and 100 were Selected for round 2.

Round 2

Technical Interview

36 mins
Interview Experience

Round 2 was divided in 2 parts.
The first part was again speed maths consisting 36 questions in 6 minutes . Level was Slightly up as compared to Round 1. An Attempt of 18 Above is Good.
The second Part was Aptitude consisting 25 question in 30 minutes. Level was Easy to Medium. Attempt of 20+ is Good. Students can Practice question from IndiaBix, PrepInsta etc.
Note- There was Negative Marking in Aptitude Section (+3, -1).
45 Students were Selected for Group Activity.

Round 3

Group Activity Interview

20 mins
Interview Experience

Round 3 was Group Activity which Consisted of Trading Game.
Game was played on Company's own Platform.
We were divided in Group of 9 ( Total 5 Groups 9X5=45)
The Game was divided in 5 rounds of 3min each and 1 min break was given after each round.
Problem Statement given was, you have to trade between Max possible sum and Min possible Sum of digits of 6 digit number. (i.e. 0 to 54)
After Each round one digit of 6 digit number was revealed.
On screen there were 2 options available 1) Enter Amount and 2) Buy/Sell .
eg. If person A enters amount 20 / Buy option & person B enters amount 20/Sell option then the trade automatically Takes places. There is No option like Accept or Deny.
Note- In the Group Activity They will Play a Video Tutorial , So Observe it Keenly .
Stratergy Should be - Buy at Low and Sell at High.
They Selected 2 People From each Group ( 2X5=10) for Interview Round.

Round 4

HR Interview

45 mins
Interview Experience

Round 4 was HR + Technical Interview.
It Started with Normal HR questions like tell me about yourself which is Not mentioned in your Resume, Why did you applied For this Company etc
Some definition liked NIFTY, SENSEX were Asked.
Mental Maths questions like 75X79, 39/31, square root of .9 etc were asked which had to be solved without using pen n Paper.
Some Standard Puzzles of Logical Ability were asked which you can practice from geeksforgeeks.
Guesstimate was asked. Find Total number of Vaccinations in Maharashtra.
Maths Word Problem was Asked .
Some random question based on my resume were asked.
The interview ended with typical questions like where do you see yourself in next 5 years,? Why should we hire you ? Any questions for us?
Note- Only ONE Student was Offered Placement.


Other comments

Students Should Learn to solve Speed Maths Orally using Tricks etc. Which will help them in Interview Also.
Interview is a STRESS Interview , They will Try to Demotivate you and will Observe how you react to it, either you loose confidence/become nervous. So be Confident Enough and If you Dont Know the Ans tell them Clearly. No one knows Everything.
From My Personal Experience I think they need People who are Good at Mental Maths and Self Motivated.
All the Best :)