IQVIA Job interview Experience
Charan Guntupalli
Full Time Analyst
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Accepted Offer
Round 1

Computer Based Test Interview

63 mins
Interview Experience

This round was an general aptitude test which had Verbal ability(22 questions in 18 minutes),Quant(14 in 16 ), logical reasoning(14 in 14) and Critical thinking(12 in 15 ) questions. Each section had time limit and you cannot float between questions. Platform for test was AMCAT. Even though no sectional cutoff was mentioned I think critical thinking section was the deciding factor in getting shortlisted. 30 students were shortlisted for the next round out of 350 students.

Round 2

Technical Interview

40 mins
Interview Experience

In my case it ended up being a 60 min interview which started with introduction then he asked about my internship experience and couple of situational based questions on it , later asked me to explain my project and a few questions on it. Then moved on to questions on SQL more on JOINS as i have mentioned a SQL certification in my resume. Following this he asked me couple of puzzles and then finished with asking a guesstimate related to number of users of cycling app in my city which was related to my position of responsibility mentioned in my resume. Approach is important than answer for Guesstimate. Overall the interviewer focused only around the points which i have mentioned in my resume. Be thorough with your resume and expect a couple of guesstimates from what you have mentioned in your resume. 9 students where shortlisted out of 30 for the HR round.

Round 3

HR Interview

2 mins
Interview Experience

This was telephonic interview which started with my educational details, where i am from,my hobbies and whether i have any plans for higher studies. Note: Some of my batchmates had their HR interviews which went on about 20 mins so be prepared. 5 students were finally selected.


Other comments

for any analyst roles I would suggest the following tips-
1)Mention things in your resume only if you are confident about them. 2)Prepare your resume according to job description or try to develop resume which fits job description if you start early. 3)Be confident and try to drive the interview. 4)Consistently work on your aptitude skills 5)Be familiar with Case studies and Guesstimates.